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Dans Les Landes restaurant in Paris |

Dans Les Landes – NOW CLOSED


Former Address: 119 bis rue Monge, 75005

Reviews of interest

Hipsters in Paris (2013) “Chipirones, duck hearts, potted boudin noir, deep fried Camembert, generous charcuterie plates and crunchy croquettes are just some of the dishes you will see on the chalkboard menu. And they are far, far more generous than their pricing suggests, a welcome departure from anorexic share plates that tend to go hand in hand with ‘wine bars’. Food coma for under €25 per head.”

John Talbott (2013) “New (sort of) but great (really) menu.”

Sophie Brissaud (2012) “C’est toujours agréable de s’asseoir au zinc pour boire un petit verre (cette fois, un tursan rouge bien croquant) et grignoter les dernières nouveautés proposées par Julien. Tout est délicieux…Certaines tapas valent bien la traversée de Paris.”

Alexander Lobrano (2011) “Among its other attractions, and they’re many, Dans Les Landes is a very friendly place…deep fried chipirons (baby squid), baby clams with chick peas and avocado, the best little barbecued pork ribs I’ve ever eaten in Paris…and doubtless a dish or two that I don’t remember.”

François-Régis Gaudry for L’Express (2011) “On ne l’a pas vue venir, celle-là. On aurait même eu du mal à la prendre au sérieux, si on était tombé dessus par hasard, avec son air de néo-brasserie fêtarde pour sorbonnards en mal de sangria et son écran plat hurlant le dernier Bayonne-Stade français…. Il y a forcément un chef, un vrai, derrière cette tournée ripailleuse.”

Barbra Austin – Girls’ Guide to Paris (2011) “This place is best enjoyed with a group around one of the high communal tables. The small plates are actually fairly generous…croquettes of polenta with smoked duck, fantastic finger food. Chipirons (baby squid, also fried) were served in a wooden clog…There are plenty of wines by the glass to wash all of this down.”

Aaron Ayscough (2011) “As befits a meal consisting mostly of salty drunk food, we tore into the wine list. DansLes Landes’ is what I would classify as an eminently tolerable wine list. It’s fairly priced, with quite a few good selections, and maintains an admirable focus on wines from the southwest, an area that gets consistently overlooked on most decent wine lists.”

Patricia Wells (2011) “…full of varied tapas-style tastes from France’s southwest, including meaty grilled quail breasts; tender fried chipirions (baby squid) sprinkled with a touch of sweet pepper…Sip a glass of white Irouleguy, and enjoy!”

Sébastien Demorand (2011) “…rafale de bouchées impeccables (chipirons frits d’enfer, délicatement servis — mais oui — dans un sabot, rouleau de printemps de salade landaise et vinaigrette truffée, travers de porc confits puis laqués avec une sauce barbecue géante…), et en partant, une certitude: ce Camdeborde junior va mettre le feu au quartier.”

John Talbott (2011) “…a long chalkboard of tapas…daily specials…and an awesome list of desserts.”

7 Replies to “Dans Les Landes – NOW CLOSED”

  1. Thanks Marc for letting us know that you think it’s going downhill. That so often happens when a place has been sold. Has anyone else been back since the changeover?

  2. I live next door to Dans Les Landes and have been going there for a few years. The last three visits starting in September 2014 were quite awful – and I didn’t even know they changed owners until i read this review. I just thought the quality was slipping for some mysterious reason. Upon reading this, it makes sense. I’m also seeing fewer and fewer customers there. My advice = steer clear. The resto formerly known as Les Landes was A+. This new iteration is a C-

  3. We had a great evening at Dans Les Landes
    Sunday at dinner (20.00) no reservation – no problem!
    Accommodating, fast and friendly waiters, all smiles even when we
    complained over an extremely salty tortilla – it was simply taken off our bill.
    The rest of our food was more than ok and the Foie Gras at 23€ for
    a “Bocal” – a glass full and more than adequate for 2 – was very fine! but served with toast
    only. Else we had Chipiron and a ewe’s milk cheese (Brebis).
    A good 50 cl Morgon + 2 extra glasses of wine.
    This is not a fancy restaurant but a fine place to eat informally, yes they do
    have communal tables but lots of “private” ones as well.
    Total 69€ for two people – go again? Certainly!

  4. It can be riotous post-working hours–and almost desolate at lunch. In my experience, tapas items run from very good to okay. Didn’t know there was a minimum. Maybe that’s newish.

  5. The food is very good and the restaurant is successful. Had you reserved? For dinner at Dans les Landes, it is very difficult to get a table without reservation. At lunchtime, easier.

    I think your last sentence might be going a little far in the interpretative approach, or the yelpific approach perhaps.

  6. Very rude service, they are really trying to cash out here: cramming over 40 places on the terrace, doing the two seating thing. When the waiter showed us to a table speaking to us in the most impolite manner (my husband speaks unaccented French) we just walked out , before we even managed to order. By all means go there if you want to feel put down by greedy “lets get rich fast” unpleasant people.

  7. Delicious food and good wine selection, so good that reservations are highly recommended! But while service used to be outstanding, success seems to have turned them into a restaurant like so many in Paris that offers terrible service. For a big table reservation they required a check as deposit for minimum spent which they eventually refused to return (although spent double the minimum spent) because they considered we did not order enough. On top of that we were forced to take a fixed 10 course tapas menu although on the phone I was informed that that was optional. Of course we were informed about these rules only after we finished dinner. Terrible experience with thieves, never going back.

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