La Pâtisserie des Rêves

A hit since it opened in 2009, this modern and playful pastry shop from Philippe Conticini has won raves for its Paris-Brest. The rue du Bac location is take-away only, but in the 16th you’ll find a full-service tea salon with outdoor seating.

 An absolute favorite

Practical information

Address: 93 rue du Bac, 75007
Nearest transport: Rue du Bac (12)
Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 9am-8pm, Sunday 9am-4pm
Telephone: 01 42 84 00 82
Website   Facebook

Additional locations

Address: 111 rue de Longchamp, 75016
Nearest transport: Rue de la Pompe (9)
Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 8am-8pm; Closed Monday
Telephone: 01 47 04 00 24

Address: 19 rue Poncelet, 75017
Nearest transport: Ternes (2)
Hours: Tuesday-Friday 10am-7:30pm; Saturday 9am-7:30; Sunday 9am-6pm; Closed Monday
Telephone: 01 42 67 71 79

Address: 12 rue Linois, 75015 (inside Centre Commerciale Beaugrenelle)
Nearest transport: Charles Michel (10)
Hours: Open every day
Telephone: 01 45 77 27 49

Reviews of interest

Vogue (2015) “This dreamy shop offers modern twists on old classics—like a Black Forest cake shaped into the form of a lacquered cherry—displayed under severe refrigerated glass domes that hang suspended from the ceiling. Despite the slightly clinical atmosphere, the sweets are perfectly decadent, from the intense tarte à l’orange to the delicate crumb of the madeleines.”

1st place in our Five Great Paris-Brest competition

L’Express (2015) “Attachant et sensible, le pâtissier Philippe Conticini est l’un des chefs les plus innovants et influents du XXe siècle. Ce passionné du goût est en quête permanente de la perfection des saveurs et des textures de chacun de ses desserts. Nombres de ses versions revisitées de classiques de la pâtisserie françaises ont été primées par les spécialistes du genre, que ce soit son Paris-Brest (l’insert praliné fondant, c’est lui), le Saint-Honoré, la tarte Tatin ou la Charlotte vanille chocolat.”

Le Figaro (2014) #2 madeleine in Paris

Travel + Leisure (2013) “Offering a unique, yet still Parisian, take on pastries…The tarte Tatin, an upside-down fruit confection, is among the most popular sellers.”

Time Out (2012) “The Saint-Honoré for example (a circular puff-pastry delight filled with whipped cream and caramelised sugar) is rectangular so that you can cut it into slices; the famous Paris-Brest (a praline cream éclair) comes with a runny praline centre; and his Mille-Feuille (vanilla slice) is particularly heavy on the vanilla.”

Dorie Greenspan (2011) “I’d pilgrimage out again for these treats…the gateau Saint-Honoré…was not just gorgeous, but luxuriously delicious.”


Dorie Greenspan (2009) “The look of the shop is ultra modern, even space-age-ish…It’s stunning and also a bit disconcerting. The eclair didn’t win me over — I thought its pretty chocolate wrapper made the pate-a-choux soggy, but I did like the chocolate mousse interior. The Tarte Tatin, on the other hand, was a winner, even if there was nothing about it that was true to the original.”

Barbra Austin (2009) “I will happily admit to having been won over by the apple tart with crumbly topping, and the espresso powered coffee éclair. The tart a l’orange will please creamsicle lovers (if not me), and those who like their classics reconstructed will love the amber block of apples on the tarte tatin and the rearranged St. Honoré. The thing that will bring me back, though, is the Paris-Brest.”

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