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Le Gaigne

Now closed (in July 2013). At this small, contemporary bistro near the Centre Pompidou, Chef Mickael Gaigner shows off his skills — honed in high end kitchens — at reasonable prices: Weekday lunches are priced at 17/23€ for two or three courses, and there’s a five-course dinner menu at 42€.

Practical information

Address: 12 rue Pecquay, 75004
Nearest transport: Rambuteau (11)
Hours: Now closed
Reservations: Now closed
Telephone: Now closed
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Reviews of interest

Le Gaigne closed in July 2013

  • John Talbott (2012) “…a place we go back to time after time…”
  • John Talbott (2011) “…the food so good and the prices so right, what’s not to love…parsnip soup with an intruiging croquette containing an egg in the middle, with “oreille et pied de cochon à la sauge”… a “gougère aux escargots du pré de Mme Liège à la sauce soubise,” sounding much fancier but tasting pretty gutsy.”
  • John Talbott (2010) “There has been some negative chatter in the blogosphere about Le Gaigne which I have not and do not understand…”
  • Mark Bittman – NY Times (2009) “…charming, the kind of place I’d love to see more of….They seem to deal with everything effortlessly: the food is on time, it’s hot, it’s good and it’s interesting; the wine list is solid…”
  • Alexander Lobrano (2008) “Gaignon…has a brilliant way with fish. I had brill poached with thyme and served with new-season choucroute (sauerkraut) and a sautee of girolles…a perfectly balanced composition in terms of taste… royale of duck as a starter was sublime, and a friend who tried the rabbit stuffed with marinated peppers and garnished with tiny florets of romanesco (green cauliflower) was very happy, too.”
  • François Simon (date unknown) “…une cuisine pleine de sens…La tarte de langoustines et champignons d’automne est une sorte de petit hold-up, mains au-dessus de la tête, pas un mot, portable fermé, personne ne bouge. La tarte est présente sans trop plomber de son feuilletage. C’est excellent.”

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5 Replies to “Le Gaigne”

  1. Sorry to do this in two comments– there is a plan to open a new restaurant in the coming months and to check their Facebook page. I see no updates on the status as of this posting.

  2. The best meals we had in Paris. Can’t recommend it enough. It’s very quiet in there, however, so not as dynamic as other places. I also overheard a guy mention he’d heard of the place from the exact same Chowhound post I did. So embrace your tourist soul and enjoy the food!

  3. Inventive French cuisine served in a cozy (read: tiny!) dining room on a blink-and-you’d-miss-it alley in the Marais. As with most inventive cuisine, not everything worked for us (sometimes visually, sometimes flavors) but overall the experience was memorable, fun, and intimate, everything I look for in a dining experience. I’d definitely go back if I still lived in the neighborhood, but probably wouldn’t go cross-town for it.

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