Le Grand 8 [NOW CLOSED]

Le Grand 8 closed in July 2019.

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What people are were saying

Our review (2014) “Le Grand 8 is a low-key, winemaker’s restaurant in the middle of Montmartre tourist hell. They serve simple, well-executed meat and potato dishes, accompanied by a very strong wine list that favors natural wines. While the food is basic, not mind-blowing, the wine, friendly service and unbeatable location make it a great option for groups and out-of-towners.”

Time Out (2013) “This red-fronted French neighbourhood bistro fairly near the Sacre Coeur is big on moreish, simple meals formed with finesse from organic, artisanal produce. Think top-notch ‘happy’ duck breast with two whole apples, or tender tuna brochette with sweet-as-you-like baby veg.”

Not Drinking Poison in Paris (2011) “Le Grand 8’s dining room positively brims with restaurateurs and natural wine folk, on Sunday evenings in particular…the cuisine is unpretentious bistro fare, the sorts of things that are offered in provincial railway stations, only here composed with better ingredients.”

John Talbott (2009) “I ordered the hierloom tomatoes sans the mozzarella and they were simply terrific, wonderful, great. Then I had a rumsteak, cooked to my perfection, which was horrible, tasteless and without redeeming value…Go?  If stuck up on the Mont, I suppose so…”

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