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Mini Palais

Eric Fréchon of the Bristol is the consulting chef of this contemporary, chic brasserie. Book a table on the terrace when weather permits. Open every day, all day.

Practical information

Address: In the Grand Palais, avenue Winston Churchill, 75008
Nearest transport: Champs-Elysées Clemenceau (1, 13), Franklin D. Roosevelt (1,9)
Hours: Open every day 10am-2am
Telephone: +33 1 42 56 42 42
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Le Mini Palais in pictures

Photos by Meg Zimbeck © Paris by Mouth

What people are saying

John Talbott (2015) “Lovely day, lovely terrace, alas not the blowout food we’ve come to expect.”

The New York Times (2013) “Without ever becoming fussy, Mr. Frechon’s appealing menu cleverly moves brasserie dining toward a more elegant register with dishes like a tartare of oysters and scallops garnished with a lemon-and-curry-flavored foam and veal sweetbreads glazed with Comté cheese and vin jaune…The hostesses can be chilly, and the service disorganized.”

Patricia Wells (2011) “a Paris restaurant with a welcoming outdoor terrace, open non-stop seven days a week from 10 am to midnight, service that’s polite (if a bit slow) and food that is utterly modern, fresh and seasonal. I’d call it Grand Slam.”

Simon Says (2011) “Le lieu est magnifique, surtout aux beaux jours…Parfait pour une clientèle choisie de se retrouver autour d’assiettes jouant pianissimo mais non sans efficacité…”

John Talbott (2010) “… inside it was gorgeous, stunning, beautiful and I breathed freely.  Before ordering they served an amuse bouche of a mini-brioche… then I decided to have the formula (28 E for two dishes) and he two entrees with dessert (32 E); not bad eh for three-star grub?”


5 Replies to “Mini Palais”

  1. I went to dinner with not very high expectations – the reviews online were mixed and I’m wary when people complain about the service. The evening started pleasantly even though we waited quite a while for the waiter to come take our order. We had to ask for the wine list – why it wasn’t automatically provided with the menus is a mystery. We placed our order and then waited another 20 min for the wine to arrive. The glasses they provided were dirty and when we asked for new ones, our waiter’s attitude only got worse. As he poured the wine to taste, it splashed around. That really set the tone for the service.

    I ordered the oeuf mollet to start, which was good, but not mind blowing. Followed by the cannette, which arrived luke warm. Again tasty but when I’m paying 20+ euros for a plat, I expect it to be pretty damn good. The wine was an excellent Bordeaux. That’s really all that was going for the place.

    Thankfully, the waiter, who seemed to be having a bad time of it in general, was sent to a different table and the following service was great – pleasant and efficient. All in all, I have to say, for the prices paid, the food had better be amazing. And really, it’s not asking much to have pleasant staff. Everyone has bad days, but learn to deal with them. Not take them out on customers.

  2. I dined there on Saturday just past to check it out for my upcoming wedding lunch (small gathering of just 10 for wedding so very low key).
    I wasn’t expecting great things from the food but it was surprisingly very good and there was so much space on the lovely terrace (which is why we went there) I decided then and there this was it, my dream spot for a very intimate small but special gathering. We didn’t want to be separated from other diners. We wanted to be part of the ambiance and the mood there.
    They have groups of tables on the terrace and with the vast amount of space (it wasn’t packed on a Saturday lunchtime) I saw no reason why we would have any problem booking a table for 10 in advance.
    We were told to call the restaurant manager Delphine the following week to talk about it. She told us rudely that it was absolutely impossible for a group of 10 outside.
    We didn’t want the dark interior for a wedding lunch on a late September day that is usually and hopefully a lovely balmy afternoon.
    There was so much room on the terrace on this Saturday lunchtime we visited. In fact next to us was a table of 6 with a baby stroller that took up 3 places and 2 children. That large group didn’t bother anybody there was just simply so much room that three quarters of the terrace was unused with tables sitting empty everywhere.
    But the restaurant manager thought otherwise or simply didn’t want to work that hard for 10 people it seemed and our request for 9 adults and one child (8 years) was too big a task for her. It’s NOT POSSIBLE she declared rudely.
    Not only that she was so rude about it and just kept repeating that it was not possible.
    It certainly is possible and I saw it for myself.
    If I were Eric Frechon putting my name to this establishment, I’d wonder why more people weren’t coming through the door. I now have the answer and I’m gutted because I had my heart set on having my very small but special wedding celebration right there on that spectacular terrace enjoying all of Eric’s wonderful food.

  3. This restaurant was a total surprise, a very chic interior, good attentive staff and ….. the food was simply sublime! We were guests of some Parisian colleagues (who are definite foodies) we were not disappointed! Beautiful venue and we will be recommending it to all our South of France friends. Thank you Mini Palais for a fun gastronomic treat! Oh how we wish you had a similar restaurant in Monaco!

  4. I think you should modify your comment that last minute booking is “usually” OK. It certainly wasn’t today, when I was told there was nowhere for me to either eat or drink except for a drink at the bar. I asked if I could have a drink and get a table an hour later, the answer was absolutely not.

  5. Just returned from an annual week in Paris. Enjoyed going to the Mini-Palais on a beautiful evening that allowed us to have a table on the splendid terrasse amid the extraordinary sculptural décor, with a view of the Petit Palais across the way. On the evening that we dined there the service was quite poor, of the condescending, snobby type that Americans sometimes encounter: a.) French is a second language for me and though I spoke to everyone in French they responded curtly in English; b.) my husband is a serious wine collector and a member of several significant wine societies, which he feels no need to reveal, and as he was looking over the carte des vins and deciding, the server kept trying to aggressively push certain and quite expensive wines kind of assuming that the guest didn’t know what he was doing. The food was good, certainly not great. Feel neutral about the interior décor. Our sole reason for returning would be to take advantage of the marvelous setting on a lovely evening.

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