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Former Address: 14 rue Léopold Bellan, 75002

What people are were saying

  • John Talbott (2012) “… the welcome is still just as warm and the offerings are still quite appealing…”
  • Caroline Mignot (2011) “Les prix pardi ! 28,50 € la formule déjeuner (entrée-plat ou plat-dessert, 35 € les 3), certes gourmande et raffinée (vous verrez), mais à midi, ça peut refroidir.”
  • Alexander Lobrano (2011) “…first courses were delicious…green asparagus served with fava beans and a plump ravioli filled with creamy goat cheese… ‘tataki’ (thin slices) of beef with a light sauce of reduced beef jus and beets…clams in a gently briny bouillon spiked by galanga…All three dishes showed off the kitchen’s cosmopolitan imagination and precise cooking skills….Given the excellent quality of the cooking, the friendly service, and the reasonable prices here, this is an address I’ve already been back to two more times, and one at which I expect to become a regular…”
  • François Simon (2011) “En entrée, un céviche puis des saint jacques avec radis et navets. Ce fut un vrai bonheur précis et enlevé. Ce genre d’adresse sur laquelle vous vous retournez dans la rue. Hautement recommandable.”
  • Emmanuel Rubin – Figaroscope (2011) “L’une des heureuses surprises du moment, où, selon le désormais classique refrain du «rien dans le décor, tout dans l’assiette», une épatante sève de cuisine en vertu bistrotière parvient à faire oublier une salle veule, ingrate, dépourvue de toute gaieté.”
  • Barbra Austin via Girls’ Guide to Paris (2011) “This contemporary bistro may not justify a trip across town but is a great choice after a day strolling around Montorgueil or les Halles.”
  • John Talbott (2010) “If Chicago is Sinatra’s kind of town, L’Hedoniste is my kind of restaurant/bistro – inventive cooking in a neat setting with reasonable prices.  This is the find of 2011.”
  • Chrisoscope(2010) “…hautement recommandable…de belles assiettes réalisées par un chef, Sébastien Dubrulle, qui a déjà fait ses preuves et confirme son talent. En salle, un jeune restaurateur, Arthur Pétillault, et une jeune femme aimable, Kathleen Mayer, qui connaissent très bien leurs sujets…”

3 Replies to “L’Hédoniste”

  1. Just went to L’Hédoniste the other night. This restaurant is on par with Frenchie (food-wise, not service). and in the same area (Montorgeuil), And, much, much easier to get in. However, BIG difference, they answer their phones, you can make online reservations. And, get this, you will get a personalized response within a few hours of your email reservation request. Plus you don’t have to deal with the horrible Frenchie now infamous attitude of “I’m now famous, and if you don’t wanna deal with me, there’s others behind you” sort of attitude. And, you don’t have to cross your fingers hoping that they didn’t screw up your reservations.

  2. Want to hear more about this room. Sounds super. I love the choices and also being able to maneuver among the savories and wine and skip dessert.

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