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What people are were saying

Alexander Lobrano (2012) “…a very sincere new bistro with an intriguing two-speed menu, or a mix of French classics and some clever modern dishes…a great neighborhood bolt-hole and a fine coda to those who’d doom-say the French kitchen.”

Emmanuel Rubin – Figaroscope (2012) “Env. 15-25 € au déjeuner, menu à 31 € au dîner. Linguine aux couteaux: avenant. Volaille bourbonnaise à la crème: bien étoffée. Choux à la crème: gonflés.”

John Talbott (2012) “The 31 € 3-course menu looked great; lots of tasty choices…my new friend had the Bourbonnaise chicken with white sauce and I had (after ensuring it was a thick not thin slice) a piece of veal liver a la Lyonnaise; both were nice, but strangely again, both were lukewarm and came with nicely toasted thin slices of potato…”

Anne-Laure Pham – L’Express (2012) “…un simple et bluffant poireau vinaigrette à la citronnelle, puis un irréprochable foie de veau à la lyonnaise…”


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