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Our Guide to Paris Pastry Shops

Here’s our collection of preferred pâtisseries, from homey to haute, where you’ll find the Madeleines, millefeuilles, and macarons that make our butter-laden hearts beat fast.



  • Régis Colin – 53 rue Montmartre (01 42 36 02 80)
  • Stohrer– 51 rue Montorgueil (01 42 33 38 20)







  • Bread & Roses – 25 rue Boissy d’Anglas (01 47 42 40 00)
  • Café Pouchkine – 64 boulevard Haussman (01 42 82 43 31)
  • Dalloyau – 101 rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré (01 42 99 90 00)
  • Fauchon – 24-30 place de la Madeleine (01 70 39 38 00)
  • Jean-Pierre Cohier – 270 rue du Faubourg St Honoré (01 42 27 45 26)
  • Ladurée – 16 rue Royale (01 42 60 21 79)
  • Ladurée – 75 avenue des Champs Elysées (01 40 75 08 75)
  • La Petite Rose – 11 Boulevard de Courcelles (01 45 22 07 27)










14 Replies to “Our Guide to Paris Pastry Shops”

  1. This post is really great. I’ve booked to visit Paris in the 3rd week of August and have since discovered that everything foodie closes for the holidays 🙁 Any ideas which patisseries are open that week please? Thanks so much.

    (I have emailed several to ask them but my French isn’t great and they might have gone on holiday already so I guess I’m not likely to get a reply from them.)

  2. Yes, Carette should definitely be on the list. It beats the chantilly out of some of the other addressed mentioned here.

    There should also be, under 75005 (rue Monge), the much underrated but fantastic Chaam, recently (and rather stupidly) renamed “Petites Merveilles de Damas”, an importer of Syrian pastries whose goods put to shame the cloying, insipidly sugary concoctions of La Bague de Kenza and the like (sorry to be blunt, I don’t get this place at all – any Tunisian boulangerie in Aubervilliers sells better stuff).

    Likewise there’s Masmoudi, the Tunisian pâtissier, with 2 shops in Paris (boulevard Saint-Germain and boulevard de Sébastopol) – the ultimate in delicate, ethereal Oriental pastries.

  3. D’accord, Dalloyau literally takes the cake: Sur Un Air du Chocolat is one mighty masterpiece of textures, with layers of creamy, cakey, crunchy, smooth, sugary goodness with an exceptional presence of chocolat noire to satisfy a chocoholic such as moi! Merci a Dalloyau on Rue de Grenelle…the Miro exhibit at the Maillol, just up the block, was a lovely divertissement aussi!

  4. Joyful feedback, of the variety that is born from abundant satisfaction: Pierre Hermes (Cambon location) = hands down the best macarons en ville; Angelina…oh mon dieu, the ice cream is heaven on a spoon. Merci encore, PBM!!!

  5. Henri, Sharon, Mazza, Rachelle & Akimbo: thanks for the love!

    Lisa, Suyin and B.Rakoto: thanks for the suggestions – we’re on it…

    Anyone else: feel free to let us know if there’s someplace we’ve missed, and why you like it.

  6. Bon, Bon, bonbon! Now THIS is the travel guide I’ve been longing for…merci millefois!!

  7. why, oh why isn’t Patisserie Carette on the list? It’s the 16th at Trocadero and it’s fantastic

  8. Love this list SOOOO much! Too bad I found it too late and I’m leaving in a week 🙁 As you can see on my blog though, I did manage to cover a lot during my stay hehe

  9. Aurore et Capucine in the 9th arrondissement is worth a stop for the sheer beauty & originality of the shop, with colors and flavors not often found elsewhere: violet, geranium, lavender, etc. I haven’t sampled all of their offerings, but their individual apricot and lavender tart is one of my favorites.

  10. I live in Montmartre so two of these shops are very near me: rue Lepic (up the hill near Place Abbesses) and rue des Martyrs (the 9th Arr. starts just after Place Pigalle, down the hill). I just learned to make macarons at “La Cuisine” a few weeks ago so I will test the other ones that I find. Sharon (a new subscriber as of 17/2!)

  11. WOW!!! This is such a great post…to have all these locations broken down by arrondissement. I will definitely be printing this out and checking each one off the list…;)))
    Merci Beaucoup!

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