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Address: 12, rue de l’Hôtel Colbert, 75005
Hours: Open Friday & Saturday for lunch & dinner. Open Tuesday-Thursday for dinner only. Closed Sunday & Monday.
Telephone: +33 1 42 02 39 24
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Our Review

We have not yet reviewed this restaurant. Below you’ll find a summary of reviews to see what others are saying about it.

In Other Words

Le Fooding (2019) calls attention to the two vastly different spaces at Sola – French on the ground floor, Japanese on the lower level – before praising the “youth and panache” of chef Hiroki Yoshitake’s cuisine.

Le Figaro (2012) notes that chef Yoshitake comes through clearly on the plate, with “sharp compositions” arranged on seasonally appropriate flatware.

Food Intelligence (2011) “…il y a du Ryokan dans cette ancienne auberge…Les mets fascinent par leur sobriété. Harmonie des goûts, respect des légumes jusqu’à leurs racines…”

Gilles Pudlowski (2011) “…une expérience à tenter pour le plaisir, qui vous laisse tournoyant d’émotion douce et de réflexion sereine…”

Table à Découvert (2011) “Au premier abord, j’ai un peu peur de la diversité de goûts et de la multiplicité des éléments, mais le plat s’en tire bien au final, léger, délicat et corsé par moment…pas de fusion, pas d’accent japonais forcé, mais une cuisine délicate, gourmande et à bon prix le midi.”

John Talbott (2011) “the ladies had pieces of merlan, radishes, potatoes, baby scallions, on a bed of garlic and covered with an emulsion of emulsion, and the men had slices of beautiful entrecote with Japanese mushrooms, other veggies and potatoes with a wasabi sauce.  Great both!”

Simon Says (2011) “La formule du déjeuner à 35 euros est exemplaire avec des plats raffinés, d’une précision impressionnante témoin cette entrée de calamars avec feuille de chou chinois…”

Le Figaro (2010) “…l’adresse ménage les savants suspenses de menus ciselés par un ­certain Yoshitake, habile à « nipponiser » saint-jacques grillées sur purée de potiron en émulsion de curry, caneton figues et coulis de betteraves, barbue et tomate. Où commence la cuisine de France, où finit celle d’Archipel ?”

Le Figaro (2010) “Légumes verts sur œuf mollet, émulsion de verdure : de haute définition. Caneton, figues en coulis et betteraves : limpide. Crème chocolat, glace vanille, noisette caramélisée et nougat au soja : mignard.”

3 Replies to “Sola”

  1. For starters, I am a Le Cordon Bleu cuisine student in Paris so I guess I know what I am talking about. What makes a good restaurant? Food and service, as simple as that. I was not really not expecting this kind of service with the price of 130euros per head ( including wine). I had been to all top-notch Michelin star restaurants from all over the world and had not received such rude manners before! The japanese waitress told me that there will be seafood, fish and meat in the whole meal as it is a no-choice menu, I simply told her that I don’t eat dish like I do usually when I go to all the restaurants with this type of menu ( 10 out of 10 times the chef will substitute the fish with another type of meat), the woman was very surprised that I don’t eat fish and just kind of froze there, I tried to find out a bit more in the menu and see if the fish or meat is the type of food that I can eat but she doesnt want to reveal anything, she left for a while and offered vegetables instead of fish, which, I am very not enthusiastic about since I had mentioned earlier any other high class restaurants like Le Merice or Le Cinq in four seasons I go to would offer me another type of meat, wouldnt that make my meal not worthwhile then? plus a high class restaurant should always be prepared for customers not being able to eat some type of food from the menu ( such as seafood allergy, in my case I can only eat salmon or mackerel, any other types of fish I will throw up because of the odour), she gave me a ‘ i dont care look’ and forcefully made me accept the only option.
    This already made me lose my appetite for a bit.
    Thankfully the meal was full of surprises and was absolutely fantastic, I’ll have to give them that. There are a lot of places that does asian inspired french cuisine which is completely disastrous since ‘fusion’ is something that needs to be very carefully played but they really lived up to my standard.
    Ok the main part comes, when one of the ‘supposingly’ fish dish came- in was indeed mackerel! (as I mentioned, I only eat salmon and mackerel, the fish without the fishy odour) They gave me the normal fish dish by mistake, and I was happy to eat it, just as I finished taking the picture and about to dig into the delicious looking mackerel, the manager hastily took away my dish without asking anything and tried to substitute it with something else veggie, I told him its ok I eat mackeral, he ignored me and say look at ur veggie dish it looks nice, my boyfriend tried to tell him its ok I can just eat the fish and he rudely said ‘NO SORRY, IMPOSSIBLE!’ and left hastily and us with astonished faces, I shared my boyfriend’s mackeral dish- absolutely amazing and on the contrarily the veggie dish was disgusting ( on purpose?).
    I also saw the japanese waitress and the french manager whispering into each others ear and giggling while we are having the ‘fish’ course, very very unpleasant and I am very tempted to yell at them( which I didnt because i am well educated).
    I highly suggest the staffs there to be re-trained before getting back into the industry regarding to their unprofessionalism.

  2. this is just a fantastic cuisine nouveau french/international in a Japanese touch, absolutely a bargain compared to quality, tested it twice. go there to get fusion food that taste of what it is.

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