Terroir Parisien


Former Address: 20 rue Saint Victor, 75005

What people are were saying

My Paris Notebook (2012) “The food here is very good, the ingredients top-notch, and the prices more than fair, making this stylish new bistro a place I would gladly return to and recommend.”

Food Intelligence (2012) “Ingrédients des terroirs parisiens négociés au millimètre pour une cuisine de synthèse – à l’égal des motions…il est regrettable de voir les mets devenir prix d’appel, la marge se récupérant sur les liquides.”

Alexander Lobrano (2012) “…a brilliant initiative, and I think it could give a really welcome push to the accelerating locavore movement in the city…we happily tucked into an excellent salad of frisee and watercress with a soft-boiled egg and lardons and a succulent pate Patin (veal and pork pate en croute)…Both dishes were homey, generously served, and delicious…All told, this is a fun and thought-provoking restaurant.”

John Talbott (2012) “…the dishes were all perfectly sourced, prepared and served….simple, unfussy, great food – Run.”

Figaroscope (2012) “…. si la carte passionne à détailler l’inattendu d’un légitime paysage gourmand  (du potage Billy By à la matelote Bougival), l’assiette peine encore  à tremper son caractère…”

Patricia Wells (2012) “Thank you, Yannick Alléno, for bringing us yet another chic, casual, well-priced good-food bistro that’s open seven days a week…There’s a classic – and perfect – salade de frisée… I’d be proud to bring to the table their navarin printanier d’agneau…There is also the classic French onion soup, stuffed cabbage, platters of excellent charcuterie from Gilles Vérot’s boutiques…”

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  1. Mary and I were delighted — the most satisfying and encouraging meal we had in Paris on our last trip. I’ve written it up with appropriate enthusiasm.

  2. Agreed. I went there last week, and none of the quality mentioned in reviews was there – it was one of the most generic menus I encountered in Paris, and every single dish was one-note (all three courses I ate tasted 100% of butter, another friend got one that was all vinegar, and my wife’s rumsteak was so bland a pub would be embarrassed to serve it. A cake ordered for dessert was dry and boring.) My guess is Alleno recently ditched this place and moved on, and the staff is just coasting on the good early reviews. It struck me as a particularly soulless restaurant.

  3. We are spending a month in the 5th and with friends visiting from New York we were looking for a restaurant we could walk to, so we went to Terroir Parisien. We never expected the food to be pedestrian.

  4. My wife and I had dinner there Wednesday April 4 while visiting Paris with our son, his wife and our 26 month old grand daughter. Wonderful service, classic french onion soup, and a fantastic dish of cabbage and pork – the pork and veal were cooked and then the quarter head of cabbage stuffed with it leaf by leaf – reassembling it to appear to ba simply a quarter head of cabbage – but oh so much more. Aewsome dish – our grand daughter loved it!! Could not feed it to her quickly enough. The battle to get to the restaurant through all the gendarmes on hand because of some Italian reception/celebration in the mutalitie next door was well worth it. REASONABLE and highly worth the modest effort to get there.

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