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Youpi et Voilà


…but Chef Patrice Gelbart is now cooking at Les Caves de Prague.

Former Address: 8 rue Vicq d’Azir, 75010

What people are were saying

Fulgurances (2014) “Patrice Gelbart cuisine, tout en pudeur et affirmation, ses produits c’est son courage, sa passion du métier sa rage, son sens de l’échange son point d’ancrage.”

Alexander Lobrano (2012) “I’ve since spent a week puzzling over this meal, and have concluded the crew here would be much happier if they were cooking and serving their friends instead of running a general-public restaurant, and also that the metier of waiter or waitress that France so brilliantly perfected over the course of many centuries is in danger.”

John Talbott (2012) “…The poor pigeon I had was tough, tasteless and overcooked… against the opinions of all the other rapporteurs and my co-diners today, I cannot in good conscience (and mine is in bad shape) recommend it.”

Bruno Verjus (2012) “Dans les assiettes, les produits et associations sonnent juste, écho aux idées du chef. Assaisonnement vifs et précis, jeux de textures, les mets vibrent, illuminent. Les vins vivant sont à prix très raisonnables. Youpi, voilà un véritable restaurant.”

Phyllis Flick (2012) “Gelbart, a self-taught chef, is passionate about working with small local producers and the best seasonal products…His cooking is subtle and creative, using generous amounts of fresh herbs and plants with a mix of textures and flavors…I left feeling charmed by the atmosphere, the warm service, and obvious passion of the chef.”

François-Régis Gaudry – L’Express (2012) “…des prix calmes et un service à la cool…Et dans l’assiette, des plats bons mais flegmatiques, insouciants, pas encore très concernés…Il va falloir attendre un peu que la bête se réveille…”

Emmanuel Rubin – Le Figaro (2012) “…dans une petite salle coincée entre un mur fatalement de brique et l’autre forcément de pierre grattée, la belle santé d’une cuisine de feeling et de produit franc. Si le cool avait un goût, ce serait celui-là.”

3 Replies to “Youpi et Voilà”

  1. I could offer many more details, but David has most of the basics. To elaborate a touch more un-attentive would have been more pleasant than unknowledgeable pompous service that seems to have filtered over from Verre Vole’. Yes and the cuisine is quite dull product-wise, seasoning-wise and texturally. This is surely a place with no future, some resto you know right away that all of sudden the lights will never turn on. Others you sense it is just an off evening, this is surely the former. One of calibrations of a good or better than good resto in any category casual or gastronomic, is the frequency of the low points and how low the points can get.
    To repeat the above just to many other decent to good tables with at least attentive service and some with even better knowledgeable and kind service serving at least good cuisine in Paris.

  2. We had a very unfortunate meal here as well. The dining room wasn’t even full, and it took nearly an hour to get our first courses, which was unseasoned asparagus with a room temperature poached egg and tidbits of sun-dried tomato. The menu is fixed and no price was mentioned nor was it posted anywhere. And the waiter asked mid-meal, which course we’d already had because he wasn’t sure.

    The dinner was blasé and turned out to be expensive for what we had. (In retrospect, I think the waiter forgot one of the courses.) Not sure what we were missing about this place, but there are other places in Paris with attentive service that have better food.

  3. Unrecommendable in every facet of anything resembling the parameters for a casual dining restaurant, in the purest sense, a real waste of time!

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