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Our Guide to the Holidays in Paris

Paris Restaurants during the Holidays

The vast majority of restaurants in Our Guide to Paris will close during the week between Christmas and the New Year. Because their schedules vary and are rarely posted online, we’ve tracked down our favorite restaurants to ask when they’ll be open and to sort out any special holiday meals they might be planning. All information has been confirmed directly in 2011.

Special Holiday Treats

  • Bûche It – a cheeky video rewind of the season’s best holiday cakes.



One Reply to “Our Guide to the Holidays in Paris”

  1. A tip for those making plans for the holiday weeks that I just re-discovered/re-remembered:
    Restaurants that have recently opened or changed chefs/etc., are more likely to remain open than old ones, because they are still building their clientele. Thus, for instance, I reserved during the Culinary Bermuda Triangle week of Dec 26th at l’Affranchis, Galopin & Comme Chez Maman without any trouble.
    BTW The same is sometimes true for August.

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