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Dining room at Parcelles restaurant in Paris

Parcelles is a wonderful new addition to the Marais. They’re a modern bistro serving classic dishes like sweetbreads and stuffed cabbage with very thoughtful updates. The dining room is lovely, service is kind, and the wine list is killer. Chef Julien Chevalier doesn’t change his menu very often, but it’s reliably good.


13 Rue Chapon, 75003
Open Monday-Saturday for lunch & dinner
Closed Sunday
Reservations online or at +33 1 43 37 91 64



Alexander Lobrano (2022) “Chef Julien Chevalier’s menu is regularly revised according to what’s seasonal and best in the markets, and his style is wonderfully produce centric. To wit, he aims to enhance the natural flavors of the produce he cooks rather than temper them into other tastes. In this cautiously and hopefully post pandemic moment, this simplicity and authenticity is exactly the way we want to eat right now.”

Patricia Wells (2022) “A serving of cabbage stuffed with ground pork from the Cochon de Clavisy in Burgundy, as well as foie gras, took me back to my early days as a child in Milwaukee, where stuffed cabbage was on the menu frequently, and one of my mother’s finely executed specials… I was less enthralled by the rather timid daurade (sea bream) carpaccio, served with cubes of radish and seasoned with a sauce tosazu (a mixture of vinegar, soy sauce, sweet cooking wine and dried bonito sauce) that did little to perk things up. Likewise, the potato tart stuffed with Swiss chard, mushrooms, was a disappointment, with a crust that was just too thick to manage and an interior that lacked seasoning and character.”

David Lebovitz “This wonderful addition to the Paris dining scene has become one of the hardest reservations in town. My last meal there was excellent, especially the pressed pork terrine and the fried sweetbreads, which are often not a dish I’m wont to order, but I was glad we did; it was one of the best things I’ve eaten in Paris. Wine lovers will appreciate the extremely well-selected list.”

Michelin Guide “The quintessence of retro Paris! In a picturesque side street between Arts et Métiers and Beaubourg, this 1936 bistro would have been perfectly at home on the set of Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris: authentic furniture, bare or beige walls, vintage tiled flooring, gilded ceiling, copper and wooden counter. The food is equally genuine: country pâté, pork and creamy garlic polenta or dark chocolate tart.”


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