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Paris best baguette

Paris’ Best Baguette in 2016: La Parisienne

Results from the annual competition to name the city’s best baguette – the Grand prix de la baguette de tradition française de la Ville de Paris – have just been announced. This year’s winning baguette was made by bakers Mickaël Reydellet and Florian Charles from La Parisienne at 48 rue Madame in Saint-Germain.

This is the first time in the nine years since we’ve been following (and mapping) this competition that the winner has come from central Paris. Since 2007, all winners have come from the northern edge (75018) or southern side (75014 or 75015) of the city.

Jennifer Greco, a local expert leading food & wine tours for Paris by Mouth, was a member of this year’s jury and reported that there were 155 loaves that qualified for consideration in 2016. You can read more about the baguette judging experience and find the full list of top ten winners later tonight on Jennifer’s blog, and you can also check out my own report from Behind the Scenes at Paris’ Best Baguette Competition in 2013.

When the full list of top ten winners have been revealed, we’ll add these to our map of Where to Find the Best Baguettes in Paris, which includes all the top ten finishers since 2007.

Congratulations to Mickaël Reydellet and Florian Charles from La Parisienne  for winning this year’s top honor, and also to Jennifer for surviving today’s tasting!

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  1. Thanks so very much for your site!!!(for your tours!)
    Tamarra (looking forward to taking one of your tours some day in Paris,as I am an incurable francophone)

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