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There’s a reason why our food tours have been celebrated by The New York Times (twice!), and knowledgable foodies like David Lebovitz and Ruth Reichl: we keep our group sizes tiny, we spend generously at the best shops in town, and we only work with expert guides who have devoted their lives to food & wine.

what been sayingRead what the publications at right have said about us, or check out what our loyal clients have said on TripAdvisor, then read the descriptions below to learn about the differences between our tours. A few things that all our tours have in common:

  • Groups are small, with a maximum of 7 guests. Because this intimate experience is so highly valued by our guests and the prestige shops who welcome us, we’re not able to add spots to sold-out tours.
  • Our tours are designed for adults. We’re unable to host children under ten years of age.
  • Our tours are in English and last for around 3 hours. They include some walking, but also feature a seated tasting with wine pairings.

Tour Availability

Our calendar of tour dates through early August is available below. We’ll be posting dates for August onward during the first week of June. Our tours sell out quickly, and number of tickets shown for any tour is the maximum number we still have available. Feel free to send an email to tasteparisbymouth@gmail.com if you have questions about availability or any difficulty in booking.

Our Food & Wine Tours

Taste of the Marais

Charcuterie photo by Greg Bolton via Flickr

Do you dream of chewy baguettes and buttery croissants? On this tour, we’ll be tasting versions that have been named the best in Paris. Along with a visit to one of the most intriguing chocolate shops in Paris, we’ll be sampling cheeses from a father and daughter fromagerie, charcuterie from all over France, and washing these down with a selection of AOC French wines… [read more]

Taste of Saint-Germain

Poilane bakery in Paris

In a neighborhood that’s world-famous for its food, we’ll be sampling the very best breads, cheeses, charcuterie, wine, chocolate and other sweets. Our most popular tour… [read more]

Taste of the Latin Quarter

Best Chocolate in Paris from Patrice Chapon

In addition to sampling savory charcuterie and cheeses from one of the most historic cheese affineurs in town along with bread and wine, we’ll be sharing an array of treats along the sucré spectrum. That includes chocolates from the hand of a Meilleur Ouvrier de France (an MOF – the highest rank for a French chocolatier) along with the city’s best lemon tart. [read more]

Taste of the Left Bank

Patrick Roger chocolates in Paris

This fantastic tour moves between both the Latin Quarter Saint-Germain, exploring a boulangerie  that revitalized French baking, one of the most exhilarating & expensive fromageries in the city, and many incredible sweets. We’ll sample all this, plus some delicious charcuterie, at a hidden treasure of a wine shop…[read more]

French Cheese Tasting Workshop

washed rind and blue cheeses food tour Paris

If you’ve ever wondered why there are more than 500 different cheeses in France, how different cheeses are produced (what accounts for their texture, color, and smell?), why French cheesemakers use raw unpasteurized milk in their cheese, what the impact of seasonality and aging are on cheese, and how locals typically enjoy cheese in restaurants and at home… this is a tasting for you [read more]

2 Comments on Upcoming Food & Wine Tours

  1. The Louvre? Sure. Eiffel Tower? Yeah, you and 10,000 of your closest friends. A food tour in the gastronomic capital of the world? Insanely great. The St. Germain tour took in 3 shops: bakery, chocolate and macaron (tastings at each), a Paris market for cheese and charcuterie, and an indoor picnic in the back room of a wine shop. All world class purveyors. Seriously world class. Insanely great. Stephen, our guide, is as convivial and charming an Irishman as you’re likely to meet. He had a depth of knowledge of each shop and a breadth of knowledge of the products that was superb. The curveball? I am wheelchair bound. The tour was easy-peasy, or easca-peasca as the Irish say. Only one narrow doorway in the tour. It was the best activity of our Paris stay. Thanks Stephen. Maithu.

  2. The tour Tasting in the Marais was exceptional in every way. Our guide Jennifer was warm, welcoming and extremely knowledgeable. The group interesting and fun.
    We give it 5 star rating and will recommend it to anyone we know coming to Paris

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