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Paris Restaurants Open on Monday

Monday can be a difficult day for dining in Paris, but there are still plenty of great options to choose from. We’ve highlighted below the places that feature on our list of Favorite Paris Restaurants. You can also consult our list of Paris Restaurants Open on Sunday.

Our Favorite Restaurants Open on Monday

Buckwheat waffle with fried chicken at Ellsworth. All photos by Meg Zimbeck

For Breakfast or Brunch 

Our Top Picks: 

Also Open on Monday

Cassoulet at L’Assiette

Classic French

Our Top Pick

Also Open on Monday

Semilla restaurant in Paris |
Semilla restaurant

Modern & Creative French

Our Top Picks

  1. Tomy & Co. (75007)
  2. Papillon (75017)
  3. Ze Kitchen Galerie (75006)
  4. Semilla (75006)

Also Open on Monday


Contemporary Tasting Menus

Top picks for tasting menus <100€

  1. Septime (75011) 42€ at lunch and 80€ at dinner, book long in advance
  2. Verjus (75001) 68€, dinner only
  3. Frenchie (75002) 45€ at lunch (Thurs/Fri only) and 74€ at dinner, book long in advance

Top picks for tasting menus over 100€

  1. Akrame (75008) 65€ at lunch and 120€ or 160€ at dinner
  2. Le Grand Restaurant (75008) 85€ at lunch and 195€, 255€ or 560€ at dinner
  3. Restaurant David Toutain (75007) 55€ or 80€ at lunch and 110€ at dinner

Other tasting menus available on Monday

  • Abri (75010) 49€ at dinner, book long in advance

For Small Sharable Plates

Our Top Picks

  1. Ellsworth (75001)
  2. Le Grand Bain (75020)
  3. Au Passage (75011)

Also Open on Monday

Le Cinq

Haute Cuisine

Top pick: Le Cinq (75008) three Michelin stars


International Cuisine

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