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Eating & Drinking in the No-Go Zones

Nolan Peterson, photo from his Facebook page
Nolan Peterson, photo from his Facebook page

The reliably cynical Fox News network has been broadcasting an interview with Nolan Peterson (photo at right), a supposed security expert and confirmed bozo who has declared Paris to be dotted with “No-Go Zones” where “in just a ten-minute cab ride from the Eiffel Tower, you can be walking through streets that feel just like Baghdad.”

Baghdad, eh? How wonderful for Baghdad if their streets are also filled, as these districts are, with modern bistros, craft breweries, natural wine haunts, vegan cafés, and spots for Philly cheesesteak. Not to mention a place that ranks among the World’s 50 Best Restaurants and a bakery that won the Best Baguette in Paris competition.

Inspired by a rebuttal by Sened Dhab, we decided to plot all of the wonderful restaurants, bars and shops that fall within these unterrorized borders. They are some of the most vibrant quarters in Paris and you shouldn’t hesitate for a single moment to visit.

Our Guide to Eating & Drinking in the “No-Go Zones”

No-Go District #1: Canal St-Martin to Faubourg St. Denis
52 Rue du Faubourg St. Denis (modern French)
Bistro Bellet (modernFrench)
Vivant Cave (small plates) & Vivant Table (modern French)
Le Richer (modern French)
Albion (modern French)
Pan (Italian)
Au Comptoir de Brice (modern French)
Ratapoil du Faubourg (modern French)
Holybelly (breakfast & lunch)
Le Verre Volé (wine bar)
I Cugini (pizza)
Piccoli Cugini (pizza)
Floyd’s Bar & Grill (American)
Bob’s Juice Bar (café)
Big Fernand (burgers)
Nanashi (Japanese)
Urfa Dürüm (Kurdish sandwiches)
Sol Semilla (vegetarian health food)
The Sunken Chip (fish & chips)
La Taverne de Zhao (Chinese)
Julhès (wine shop, épicerie)
Pâtisserie Tholoniat (pastry shop)
Liberté par Benoît Castel (pastry shop)
Du Pain et des Idées (bakery)
Le Coq (cocktails)

Nearby but not technically under Sharia law:
The Beast (BBQ)
Office (modern French)

No-Go District #2: Ménilmontant
Le Chateaubriand (modern French)
Le Dauphin (wine bar)
La Fine Mousse (craft beer)
Le Perchoir (restaurant & bar)
Freddie’s Deli (sandwiches)
6036 (Japanese)
Thank You, My Deer (gluten-free)
Paris Terroirs (wine shop)
Au Nouveau Nez (wine bar)

Nearby but not technically under Sharia law:
 (modern French)
Le Baratin (classic French)

No-Go District #3: La Goutte d’Or
Brasserie de la Goutte d’Or (brewery)
Café Lomi (café)

Nearby but not technically under Sharia law:
Bob’s Bake Shop
(café, hand-rolled bagels)

No-Go District #4: La Chapelle
Au Duc de la Chapelle (bakery) where Anis Bouabsa placed first and won the Best Baguette in Paris competition in 2008

37 Replies to “Eating & Drinking in the No-Go Zones”

  1. Nearby but not technically under Sharia law , LOL

    Great article, you made my day 🙂 Leo, Parisian living in NoGo Zone #9 (Eatern-most), preaching in district #1.

  2. As an American who has lived in Paris and travels there as frequently as possible, I hope most Parisians don’t believe that most Americans swallow the drivel Fox News dishes out! If that were true, Barack Obama would not have been elected—twice! I’ll be back to Paris in July, and can’t wait to put on my body armor and wander around all of the no-go zones!

  3. I really am sorry to all Parisian’s for the monumentally stupid people that are here in my country. Let me assure everyone in Paris that well over 90% of American’s don’t buy this crap handed out by Fox and other imbeciles in conservative media. It is embracing to all of us rationale human beings! From a friend on the “Left Coast”

  4. What’s sad is that americans are self centered and most of them will trust what this dumb channel will tell to the population. 80% of the american don’t have passeport so they never travel outside the U.S. Fox news is famous to make the other countries a threat and let the population getting more and more paranoid 🙂

  5. Allez Paris! A nation which invaded Iraq and Afghanistan, at the cost of thousands of lives and trillions of dollars and no improvement whatsoever in the international security environment, and which regards a tasteless urine-coloured substance as “beer”, and in which some 70 per cent of the population is obese, has no place commenting on French society or cuisine.

  6. Un grand bravo et merci pour votre réaction aussi amusante que spirituelle aux ridicules allégations de Fox News sur notre abominable Paris Bagdad.
    (Je note que sur le site du, 10 jours plus tard, , une journaliste , Marie Adam-Affortit, n’a pas hésité à reprendre, pour ne pas dire vous “piquer” votre idée ). Décidément !
    Amicalement vôtre , un vieux parisien de vos lecteurs;

  7. I’m going with my husband to the No-go District #1, in March. I hope we can survive after eating and drinking all that we are going to, he he!

  8. I don’t know how we survived staying and dining in No Go District #2 and dining in No Go District #1! The reasonable prices. The delicious food. The friendly people that didn’t snicker at our rusty French.

    Please know that thinking Americans realize Fox News is a complete farce.

    I have and will continue to recommend Menilmontant (keyboard won’t let me put in the accent mark) as a place to stay.

  9. Fox is only one media channel, and does not represent the views of all americans. We don’t believe everything we hear from any one source, Fox included. Clearly they made some very bad mistakes in reporting and judgement in this case. I’ve eaten at many of the restaurants listed in this article and look forward to eating at many more.

  10. Indeed Sandrine, I nearly fell off my chair when I first saw that picture about Faubourg Saint-Denis of all places being described as a ‘no-go zone’ when it’s arguably the most vibrant and multicultural district in the entire country.

  11. Please forgive our uninformed Governor. He gets all his information from FOX news. Those of us who are forced to tolerate his leadership feel your pain and we all have palmed our foreheads numerous times, weekly.

  12. “Canal St-Martin to Faubourg St. Denis”, a no-go zone ? I think this journalist tells about things he doesn’t know well. I sincerely hope Americans don’t think that this is an accurate reflection of the reality of Parisian life.

  13. Dear Friends in France – The world is blessed to have a city as beautiful as Paris! Please know that many of us Americans can’t stand the garbage that is shown on Fox News. However, I’m delighted that the people who think there are such “no-go zones” won’t be wandering around Paris! How lucky for the rest of us!

  14. Thank you for the superb article! Fox News is an embarrassment to educated Americans and I sincerely hope the world doesn’t think that they are an accurate reflection of our views! Fox News is the epitome of yellow journalism.

  15. I’m one of the millions of Americans who cringe at the very existence of Fox News. It wants to be considered a “news organization,” but in reality it is a revenue generating conglomerate that sensationalizes “news” in a way that generates shock and fear so that people (the ones who don’t bother to think for themselves) will keep tuning in for more. Fox News is a joke to the majority of Americans.

  16. bonjour et merci pour ces adresses.

    I must admit that I love to go everywhere in Paris because you can find a lot of good “little” restaurant.

    I don’t know what kind of certificate you need to be engaged in Fox News but for sure Ken and Barbie (so called by le petit journal) are not journalist at all.
    Amitiés de France

  17. Nolan you won a free tour of Paris in our electric tuktuks! What you cal the no zone we call it “the real Paris”…hugh…didn’t know bagdad or Kaboul were so cool and friendly! 🙂

    Great classical, or Paris secret!! Make up your choice Nolan! We’ll take care of you!

  18. like my colleague David Bacher i shoot everywhere in Paris, event the night…. i feel safe, as usual.

    ah ah ah ah please don’t make me laughing, I have chapped lips.

  19. This is complete nonsense from beginning to the end. TOTALLY RUBBISH. Do American people really believe that kind of shitty statement ?
    And what about your figures ? Where did you find them ? You didn’t cite any source. It shows well how bloody miserable is your statement…
    There are NO “no go zones” whatsoever, there have never been, there never will be. I can tell that because I am French.
    Of course, there are some trouble areas but like everywhere else in Europe and it will always be safe for French people and tourists !
    At least, one positive point, you made us laugh so hard in France ! How ridiculous you are !
    I hope you and Fox News will apologize soon to France because I also think you hurt a lot of people, especially Muslims (who are 99,9% like any other person on our country : peaceful and respectful).

  20. Dear France,
    Do not worry about this “news” story. You don’t want the type of Americans who watch Fox News to visit your beautiful country. Those of us who know the world isn’t flat don’t watch Fox and would gladly dine in the No-Go Zone eateries.

  21. In march I’m flying in from Copenhagen to stay for a prolonged weekend. No-go zones here I come! 🙂

  22. This is utter bullshit from Fox news.
    Shame on them ! Charia law in France : are they bloody joking ?

    Americans should concentrate on addressing their own major issues back home and stop spreading lies about France.

    Nolan Peterson also needs considering getting another job. He cannot reasonably be called a journalist.

    Merci !

  23. Thank you !
    Thank you so much for telling the truth ! I hope lots of Americans will see this post !

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