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Amanda Boucher, an American who was well-known behind the bar at Candelaria, has opened up her own spot near the Cirque d’Hiver. Her cocktails are always intriguing and playful, but they’re not innovative just for the sake of being different, which is to say… they work. The Bloody Céleri, for example, is a fresh take on the savory classic Bloody Mary made with celery and a lingering spicy kick. The Reine Rouge with sherry, honey, orange, and rum, is another that’s royally good. Above all, the beverages here are balanced. Personal, too. On a recent visit, I enjoyed the clay mug that Herbaceous, an icy tequila, lillet, celery and suze cocktail, was served in and was told by the server that it was handcrafted by the bartender’s mother. The surprisingly long bar has several different rooms and ends up being quite spacious so that unlike Boucher’s former employer around the corner, it’s easy to get in (for now) and seats can reliably be found. You can count on listening to a great playlist or DJ, but also to being able to hear whoever you’re chatting with.

In an attempt to bring something different to the cocktail scene, Boucher and chef Lina Caschetto are playing around with cocktail and food pairings. It’s an ambitious idea that occasionally succeeds. It’s nice to see someone attempting something more creative than a jar of rillettes, like carrot or cauliflower pierogies(!), but the small plates are still primarily a pricey afterthought.

— Catherine Down, January 2016

Practical information

Address: 108 rue Amelot, 75011
Nearest transport: Filles du Calvaire (8)
Hours: Open 7/7 and serving brunch on Sundays
Telephone: 09 54 74 16 36
Average price for a cocktail: 12€
Average price for dinner: 40-59€
Style of cuisine: Small plates & tapas
Website   Facebook

Reviews of interest

Hipsters in Paris (2016) “This unpretentious neighbourhood spot can cater to all types of needs, whether its cocktails + bar snacks, natural wines + share plates or more recently, Sunday brunch.”

David Lebovitz (2015) “The best thing, though, was the most surprising. A plate of cauliflower pierogis came out looking relatively unassuming. But after my first bite, I stopped mid-fork: They had exactly the flavor that I remember from going to the Ukranian places in New York when I was younger, where fried dumplings were served with sour cream and beets, often to the after-hours crowd. Filled with cauliflower, cheddar, scallions, and topped with mascarpone with dried, shaved beets, they were truly outstanding. That, and a couple of cocktails, is my idea of a perfect meal.”

52 Martinis (2014) “This casually chic spot boasts some of the city’s best bar talent thanks to Amanda Boucher, previously of Candelaria… Amanda has displayed an enthusiasm, inquisitiveness and study over the past several years allowing her to hone her skills to impressive levels.”

Les Grands Ducs  (2014) “Voilà un bar à cocktails qui renouvelle le genre… Car ici on peut avec bonheur marier un cocktail absinthe/vermouth/estragon/vin pétillant à une assiette vive et fraîche de Guindillas (piments verts) ou laisser dialoguer son verre de cognac/calvados avec une escalope de foie gras snackée au cacao puissante et suave. Jambon de Parme, saumon sauvage, bleu d’auvergne, poire pochée à l’anis répondent aussi à l’appel des appétits.”

Figaroscope (2014) “Ce repaire-là milite à prouver que les bars à cocktails savent désormais nourrir avec un minimum de manières… cocktail (inspiré) compris. Boulettes de cabillaud, patates douces et figues: cool à gober. Sandwich chevreau et tomates confites: bien vu.”

Le Fooding (2014) “Amanda’s drinks rack up points with… mouthwatering little dishes. And for good reason: the Merlin sorcerers of this bar… are defectors of Experimental, Candelaria and Jaja… One blemish? You’ve got to keep your enthusiasm in check, because the bill goes quickly to your head.”

Photo courtesy of Pas de Loup’s Facebook page

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