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Practical information

Address: 9 rue d’Alger, 75001
Nearest transport: Tuileries (1)
Hours: Closed Sunday; Open Monday-Friday for lunch & dinner and Saturday for dinner only
Reservations: Book a day or two in advance
Telephone: 01 40 20 72 00
Average price for lunch: 20-39€
Average price for dinner: 40-59€
Style of cuisine: Modern French, Basque & southwestern
Website   Book Online

Reviews of interest

Le Figaro(2012) “… une petite salle brut de déco aux tables serrées comme la mêlée. Une carte d’envies ventile un chic vrac de recettes à partager…”

Patricia Wells (2012) “Dutournier offers a tempting trio of three significant bites of each dish, focusing on all the finest ingredients of the region: baby squid, or chipirions; foie gras; local ham…Overall, I found the food could have come with a bit more punch, brighter flavors, more focus. But I’ll be back…”

Table à Découvert (2009) “…la lecture de la carte ne vous laisse pas le choix, vous avez envie de tout goûter.”

2 Replies to “Pinxo”

  1. in December 2008, during a visit my wife and myself spent in Paris, we experienced a delicious dinner in your restaurant. It was an unforgettable experience and we were impressed from the quality of your restaurant.

    When we were in Paris last December spending few relaxing days, we had no doubt to repeat this experience and we decided to have a dinner in your restaurant for the last day of the year. We asked our hotel to book a table for us for Friday 31 December at 9.00.

    We received a very negative impression from the way our booking was received. It seemed us to the main concern of the person receiving the reservation was only that of being sure we could effort the price of the dinner. Nevertheless we confirmed our reservation and prepared our self for what we expected to be a new exiting dining experience.

    I have to tell you that we were disappointed form the unprofessional service we received. We have been waiting for more than twenty minutes before to get our dirty dishes to be removed from the table, we have been for around half a hour eating bread and drinking water because, even when we asked for, no wine was served.

    After two hours in this situation and being only at the second of our dinner, having realised there was no possibility of improvement, we asked for two coffees and the bill. Nobody was interested to the fact that we were not ending the dinner and nobody was interested in listening our complaints. After waiting 15 minutes I was served the bill but not the coffees. I paid my bill and I asked if it would have been possible to have our coffees in a reasonable time (we had only to wait 5 more minutes).

    We have also seen that also a couple of Americans having dinner not too far from us leaved the restaurant without completing the dinner and complaining for the service.

    I can understand that it was a special night, the last day of the year, and therefore I was prepared to face some minor mishap, however I could not have imagined to receive such a treatment at the Pinxo.

    I think that to have a “great restaurant” it is not only important to have a good chef but the quality of all the other components has to be at the same level. The quality of the service given by your employees and co-workers, from the manager and the sommelier to the waitresses was absolutely unjustifiable.

  2. well i clicked on Julot’s review to read this and then accidentally left my comment there, so sorry for the repeat here…but I’m a fan of Pinxo & i like the way the food comes in easily-shareable portions of 3. i think three is their standard number, but they did also do it for us recently in portions of 4 – i think there was a supplement for that. But it was nice to know that they could do that because i’m usually eating in even number groups & we often like to share the tastes & a couple of times I’ve skipped the Pinxo idea if we were 4.

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