Protect the Endangered Baguette

french baguettes by meg zimbeck

A campaign to promote carb consumption, specifically bread, has launched in France. Apparently, baguette consumption has dropped dramatically from 3 baguettes per person, per day in the early 1900s to a single baguette in the 1970s, to just half a baguette today.

Bread lobbyists (those exist) from l’Observatoire du pain have commissioned graffiti, 7,000 billboards and bread bags imprinted with a slogan reminding customers to purchase their daily loaf.

The Telegraph reports that one selling point of the campaign is to remind shoppers that they can minimize snacking and lose weight by eating more bread as it is “slow-burning carbohydrates and improves satiety.” Just imagine how slow-burning your carbohydrates will be when you start singlehandedly consuming 3 baguettes each day.

We care about your wellness. And we all need to do our part to save the baguette from extinction, so here’s our list of Five Great Baguettes.

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  1. Whoever said…… “Man Cannot Live By Bread Alone”….has never visited Paris

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