Restaurant le 3V

Address: 3, rue de Vienne, 75008
Hours: Open Thursday & Friday for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Open Monday-Wednesday for breakfast & lunch only. Closed Saturday & Sunday.
Telephone: +33 1 42 65 55 86
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Our Review

We have not yet reviewed this restaurant. Below you’ll find a summary of reviews to see what others are saying about it.

In Other Words

Le Figaro (2020) is impressed by this chic, light bistronomy table. Emmanuel Rubin says “it’s hard to say (and it doesn’t really matter, at any rate) if the décor came before the cuisine or vice versa,” noting that the dining room and “pretty plates” come together into a perfect chic bow.

John Talbott (2020) dubs the food “just OK,” saying that “despite the clever mixture of ingredients, there was no wow.” He goes on to note that this is a common problem in the ritzy 8th arrondissement.

Restos sur le Grill (2020) is intrigued by the comforting, delicious food and – above all – the impeccable plating at this restaurant. The “fairly high prices” don’t deter Arnaud Morisse, who writes “the chef here is talented!”

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