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Some of the best, albeit slightly more expensive, cocktails in the city can be found at this David Lynch designed club. You’re almost guaranteed a celebrity sighting in one of the warren-like rooms that include a fumoir, movie theater, and stage for bands to perform. That is, if you can get in. Prior to midnight, it’s members only and even after, you’re subject to a very tight door. Good luck, suckers!

Practical information

Address: 142 rue Montmartre, 75002
Nearest transport: Bourse (3), Grand Boulevards (8, 9)
Hours: Members only until midnight
Average price for cocktail: 18€

Reviews of interest

Forest Collins (2013) “Cocktails are mixed up by talented bar staff, and they’re turning out some very tasty tipples. But if lines are too long for the top-notch mixed drinks, head for the secondary bar, where a small range of wine is served.

Sophie DeSantis (2011) “À partir de 23 heures, le public, trié sur le volet, qui vient prendre un verre, grignoter de la finger food, danser et se fondre parmi les 300 clubbeurs privilégiés.”

Elaine Sciolino (2011) “The two chief bartenders are among the most creative and experienced in Paris, but some of the servers could use more training. One waitress could not tell a customer what was in the cocktail called “Skinny”: (mint, cucumber, lime, elderflower syrup, Perrier).”

Photo courtesy of Alexandre Guirkinger/Silencio

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