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La Poule au Pot

La Poule au Pot is a looker. It's wonderful to walk in and witness the vintage wallpaper, the globe lighting, and the silver-plated serving chariot wheeling between Pepto-Bismol colored tables. It is at once a little elegant and also a touch cheesy. One can almost picture the 80s pop stars who used to slouch into these red banquettes, the mirrored pillars reflecting their manliner and sprayed hair. Today's Poule au Pot, having been recently rebooted by star chef Jean-François Piège, reflects something different - a desire for traditional cuisine bourgeouise and also the willingness (by some) to pay for it.

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Clover Green

Clover is now Clover Green, with a focus on vegetables and vegetarian cuisine, with a few meat dishes for die-hard carnivores. We’ve visited and will be adding our full review soon. In the meantime, you can scroll down to read what others have said about the previous incarnation called Clover.  >> Read More