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Fish (La Boissonnerie)

This popular restaurant and wine bar run by Drew Harre and Juan Sanchez is a sort of Anglo haven, excellent for a quick glass, a solo dinner at the bar, or for those times when you’re just tired of speaking French. The wine list is populated by small producers, many of them organic and bio-dynamic, with fair prices and plenty of options by the glass. They’re open every day, and we often find ourselves here on a Sunday or Monday when so many other restaurants are closed. Compared to their sister restaurant Semilla, the more gastronomic option across the street, Fish is the reliable bistro and a genuine Saint-Germain institution.

Le Siffleur de Ballons

Sommelier-turned-restaurateur Thierry Bruneau’s versatile and tasteful neighborhood wine bar is a cherished mainstay of the Aligre neighborhood. It’s got a long, lively bar for solo diners, a bevy of small tables for couples and small groups, and a rear room that can be privatized for minor occasions. Managers Tristan Renoux and Frederick Malpart curate the dynamic, well-priced, mostly natural wine selection with an enthusiasm almost unheard of in the Paris hospitality scene. And the bar’s simple menu of salads and gourmet foodstuffs is anchored by a brilliant steak for two, prepared in the kitchen of Bruneau’s restaurant across the road, L’Ebauchoir. Bottles can also be purchased to go. 


Practical information

Address: 18 rue Jean-Nicot, 75007
Nearest transport: La Tour Maubourg (8)
Hours: Closed Sunday and Monday; Open Tuesday-Saturday all day
Reservations: Walk-ins Welcome
Telephone: 01 53 59 96 96
Average price for lunch: 20-39€
Average price for dinner: 20-39€
Style of cuisine: Spanish, small plates
Website   Facebook

Additional Locations

Address: 11 rue Clément Marot, 75008
Nearest transport: Alma – Marceau (9)
Hours: Closed Sunday; Open Monday-Saturday all day
Reservations: Walk-ins Welcome
Telephone: 01 47 20 03 13

Address: 64 rue de Seine, 75006
Nearest transport: Mabillon (10)
Hours: Open every day all day
Reservations: Walk-ins Welcome
Telephone01 46 33 49 54

Reviews of interest

These reviews are from the rue Clément Marot location:

Le Fooding (2012) “At this small tasting bar where a few tables are squeezed between the walls lined with wine bottles and the meat in the windows, the said leg of great quality is sliced thin in little pieces, tenderly warmed by a central candle, before melting on the palate, served with crushed tomatoes and bread from Kayser or Poujauran. The other crushed dish, the mashed potatoes with bits of chorizo, is excellent, presented in a small heart-shaped plate that gives a somewhat weird romantic twist to the cocktail-dinner between friends…

These reviews are from the rue Jean-Nicot location:

David Lebovitz (2010) “The ham is sublime and goes great with the other Spanish appetizers they serve at this casual restaurant.”

Le Figaro (2009) “… le plus accueillant des points de chute en début de soirée, avec son long comptoir et ses tables hautes, ses jambons extraordinaires pour lesquels nous sommes nombreux à avoir traversé Paris, son pain de chez Poujauran, ses assiettes de chorizo…”

Chocolate & Zucchini (2005) “It is always cause for elation to discover a new source for superior sandwich indulgence…”

Photo by loran via Flickr

L’Ecume Saint-Honoré

Practical information

Address: 6 rue du Marché St.-Honoré, 75001
Nearest transport: Tuileries (1), Pyramides (7, 14)
Hours: Closed Sunday & Monday; Open Tuesday-Thursday from 11am-7pm & Friday-Saturday from 11am-10pm
Reservations: Walk-ins Welcome
Telephone: 01 42 61 93 87
Average price for lunch: 40-59€
Average price for dinner: 40-59€
Style of cuisine: Seafood, oysters & shellfish
Book Online

Reviews of interest

Le Figaro (2011) “Lorsque l’Écume Saint-Honoré, l’un des meilleurs poissonniers de la capitale, se dote d’un espace dégustation, cela donne ce bar à coquillages pour avaler six huîtres sur le pouce, de rares pouces-pieds ou un saumon fumé, le tout accompagné de cris de mouette en fond sonore. Rafraîchissant.”


Practical information

Address: 111 rue St. Lazare, 75008
Nearest transport: Saint-Lazare (3, 12, 13)
Hours: Closed Monday & Tuesday
Reservations: Walk-ins Welcome
Telephone: 01 43 87 50 40
Average price for lunch: 40-59€
Average price for dinner: 60-100€
Style of cuisine: Classic French, oysters/shellfish, seafood

Reviews of interest

Time Out (2012) “Some loyal patrons never get beyond the oyster bar or the fresh shellfish buffet, while others reliably order the lobster from the tank or salad with balsamic vinegar and lightly spice d tomato sauce, or the pan-fried Dover sole, and others go off-piste onto the excellent meat menu with herb-crusted rack of lamb. Excellent wines and desserts and sprightly, professional service.”

John Talbott (2011) “Colette had the rougets with a copperpot full of caviar d’aubergines, P. had daurade (by far the biggest piece, but I’m not jealous, oh no) with carrots, and I had the third fish on the “menu” – the rascasse on-top a bed of mangetouts; all were indeed worth writing home about…”

Alexander Lobrano (2010) “… reliably serves some of the best oysters in Paris.”

Les Pâtes Vivantes

Practical information

Address: 46 rue du Faubourg-Montmartre, 75009
Nearest transport: Le Peletier (7)
Hours: Open every day for lunch and dinner
Reservations: Walk-Ins Welcome
Telephone: 01 45 23 10 21
Average price for lunch: 10-19€
Average price for dinner: 10-19€
Style of cuisine: Chinese
Website   Facebook

Additional location

Address: 3 rue de Turbigo, 75001
Nearest transport: Étienne Marcel (4)
Hours:  Open every day for lunch and dinner
Telephone: 01 40 13 08 04

Reviews of interest

Table à Découvert (2013) “Tout est mélangé et se déguste avec envie. Sauce un peu sucrée, mais surtout bien serrée, petits morceaux de porc confit délicieux, nouilles irrégulières dans la forme et si bonnes, coriandre, ciboule, céleri, carotte, concombre, le bonheur pour 9,50 €!”

Patricia Wells (2011) “The satisfying and amazingly long, alabaster handpulled noodles are prepared right in front of  you…we headed straight for the heat, their spicy “crevettes touchant la ciel,” a giant bowl of  soothing wheat noodles teamed up with squares of soft tofu, Chinese cabbage, shrimp in the shell, and plenty of Sichwan peppercorns…I was in seventh heaven!”

Alexander Lobrano (2008) “This little cubby hole of a place where a cheerful Chinese lady spins fresh noodles from long coiled wands of dough all day long is a charming spot that’s become a big hit with everyone…My lunch menu include a small salad, two grilled ravioli, and a generous spool of fresh noodles in delicious, flavorful bouillon garnished with fresh coriander, thin slices of beef, bean sprouts, tofu, chili paste and an errant vegetable or two…”

David Lebovitz (2008) “Not only is Les Pâtes Vivantes not expensive, but a bowl of their handmade noodles in soup, or stir-fried with beef, tofu, and chili pepper, is pretty satisfying…”

François Simon (2008) “Des “pates vivantes”, c’est à dire étirées à la main devant vous. C’est tout petit, donné (9,90€ le large bol au boeuf) et sincèrement dans les buées de cuisson…”

Les Cocottes

Practical information

Address: 135 rue St. Dominique, 75007
Nearest transport: École Militaire (8), Pont le l’Alma (RER C)
Hours: Open every day, 12pm-11pm
Reservations: Reservations not accepted
Telephone: no phone
Average price for lunch: 20-39€
Average price for dinner: 40-59€
Style of cuisine: Classic French

Additional Locations

Address2 avenue Bertie Allbrecht, 75008
Nearest transport: Ternes (2)
Hours:  Open every day, 12pm-11pm
Reservations: Reservations not accepted
Telephone:  01 53 89 50 53

Reviews of interest

Reviews from the 75008 location

John Talbott (2015) “Nothing like the Mothership except for great food.”

Reviews from the original location

Time Out (2012) “Christian Constant has found the perfect recipe for pleasing Parisians at his new bistro: a flexible menu of salads, soups, verrines (light dishes served in jars) and cocottes (served in cast-iron pots), all at bargain prices – for this neighbourhood.”

David Lebovitz (2010) “…the hearty food served in Staub casseroles is worth the wait.”

Le Figaro (2010) “Savoureuses pommes de terre caramélisées, farcies au pied de porc, fricassée de volaille aux olives et citron confit, jeunes légumes du moment cuisinés en cocotte… Ultrafrais, ultrabon.”

David Lebovitz (2009) “Les Cocottes sits on a pretty prestigious piece of land, in the seventh arrondissement, not known for good-value restaurants…But Les Cocottes is a good value, and what makes it even better, the food is worth every centime.”

John Talbott (2007) “I started with a cold ptipois soup with strip of spicy salty chorizo and crème fraiche, then going on to the pigeon with big peas and delicious greens and scallions, finishing with a waffle with Chantilly and salty caramel. The meal was just as advertised, simple, honest and made from good products. It ain’t starred cooking nor is it meant to be…”

Le Petit Vendôme

Practical information

Address: 8 rue des Capucines, 75002
Nearest transport: Opéra (3, 7, 8), Madeleine (8, 12, 14)
Hours: Closed Sunday; Open Monday 8.30am-3.30pm; Open Tuesday-Friday 8.30am-2am; Open Saturday 8.30am-5pm
Reservations: Walk-Ins Welcome
Telephone: 01 42 61 05 88
Average price for lunch: 20-39€
Average price for dinner: 20-39€
Style of cuisine: Classic French
Facebook   Book Online

Reviews of interest

David Lebovitz (2011) “The place is packed full of locals…dim, noisy, and chaotic; you pull up a chair wherever if you want to eat more than a sandwich.”

Not Drinking Poison in Paris (2010) “The real attractions are the sandwiches, as long as you don’t mind a line at peak hours, or the various heavy meat dishes, as long are you are in fine health and not at all claustrophic or easily offended. (Being seated is often reminiscent of trench warfare; the service is on the sunny side of ferocious.)”

Le Figaro (2010) “…un authentique jambon-beurre, tellement parisien. Le meilleur et le plus croustillant s’emporte justement à deux pas de l’Opéra, au Petit Vendôme.”

Rosa Jackson (2008) “those with heartier appetites squeeze into the dining room and order a hefty steak or pungent andouillette with piping-hot frites…(be warned that sandwiches are not served at the tables). Even the rough house Gamay goes down easily in this no-nonsense setting…”

Dans Les Landes – NOW CLOSED


Former Address: 119 bis rue Monge, 75005

Reviews of interest

Hipsters in Paris (2013) “Chipirones, duck hearts, potted boudin noir, deep fried Camembert, generous charcuterie plates and crunchy croquettes are just some of the dishes you will see on the chalkboard menu. And they are far, far more generous than their pricing suggests, a welcome departure from anorexic share plates that tend to go hand in hand with ‘wine bars’. Food coma for under €25 per head.”

John Talbott (2013) “New (sort of) but great (really) menu.”

Sophie Brissaud (2012) “C’est toujours agréable de s’asseoir au zinc pour boire un petit verre (cette fois, un tursan rouge bien croquant) et grignoter les dernières nouveautés proposées par Julien. Tout est délicieux…Certaines tapas valent bien la traversée de Paris.”

Alexander Lobrano (2011) “Among its other attractions, and they’re many, Dans Les Landes is a very friendly place…deep fried chipirons (baby squid), baby clams with chick peas and avocado, the best little barbecued pork ribs I’ve ever eaten in Paris…and doubtless a dish or two that I don’t remember.”

François-Régis Gaudry for L’Express (2011) “On ne l’a pas vue venir, celle-là. On aurait même eu du mal à la prendre au sérieux, si on était tombé dessus par hasard, avec son air de néo-brasserie fêtarde pour sorbonnards en mal de sangria et son écran plat hurlant le dernier Bayonne-Stade français…. Il y a forcément un chef, un vrai, derrière cette tournée ripailleuse.”

Barbra Austin – Girls’ Guide to Paris (2011) “This place is best enjoyed with a group around one of the high communal tables. The small plates are actually fairly generous…croquettes of polenta with smoked duck, fantastic finger food. Chipirons (baby squid, also fried) were served in a wooden clog…There are plenty of wines by the glass to wash all of this down.”

Aaron Ayscough (2011) “As befits a meal consisting mostly of salty drunk food, we tore into the wine list. DansLes Landes’ is what I would classify as an eminently tolerable wine list. It’s fairly priced, with quite a few good selections, and maintains an admirable focus on wines from the southwest, an area that gets consistently overlooked on most decent wine lists.”

Patricia Wells (2011) “…full of varied tapas-style tastes from France’s southwest, including meaty grilled quail breasts; tender fried chipirions (baby squid) sprinkled with a touch of sweet pepper…Sip a glass of white Irouleguy, and enjoy!”

Sébastien Demorand (2011) “…rafale de bouchées impeccables (chipirons frits d’enfer, délicatement servis — mais oui — dans un sabot, rouleau de printemps de salade landaise et vinaigrette truffée, travers de porc confits puis laqués avec une sauce barbecue géante…), et en partant, une certitude: ce Camdeborde junior va mettre le feu au quartier.”

John Talbott (2011) “…a long chalkboard of tapas…daily specials…and an awesome list of desserts.”

Gyoza Bar

Practical info

Address: 56 passage des Panoramas, 75002
Nearest transport: Grands Boulevards (8, 9), Bourse (3)
Hours: Closed Sunday; Open Monday-Saturday for lunch & dinner
Reservations: Reservations not accepted
Telephone: 01 44 82 00 62
Average price for lunch: 10-19€
Average price for dinner: 10-19€
Style of cuisine: Japanese, dumplings
Website   Facebook

Reviews of interest

Table à Découvert (2014) “Le reste de la pâte est moelleuses, la farce assez goûteuse, à base de porc et de je ne sais quoi. Je la trouve peut-être un peu moins nuancée que lors de ma première fois (que je vous encourage à aller regarder, je trouve qu’ils n’ont pas trop la même allure). Ils sont cependant bien agréables à manger et à tremper dans la sauce assez acidulée et différente de ce que l’on connaît (rien à voir avec une simple sauce soja, ici c’est un mélange de différents ingrédients et de parfums d’agrume).”

Table à Découvert (2012) “Pâte fine et ferme, garniture savoureuse, porc (fourni par le boucher Hugo Desnoyer me souffle-t-on) à la mâche parfaite, ciboule, parfum chaud-brûlant de piment (enfin léger quand même) et cette sauce aux agrumes incroyablement acidulée qui vient contrebalancer le tout.”

Paris Notebook (2012) “The dumplings, made with ground pork loin from star butcher Hugo Desnoyer, are grilled to order in one of 4 cast-iron dumpling pans… The result is a heavenly dumpling that’s crisp on one side and steamed on the other. A bright ponzu sauce, this one made with soy, grapefruit and orange, comes on the side for dipping.  Wash it all down with a Yebisu or Kirin beer and you have luxury fast-food at its best.”

L’Express (2012) “Croustillant d’un côté, moelleux de l’autre, le partage des textures est juste.”


Practical information

Address: 14 rue Chabanais, 75002
Nearest transport: Quatre Septembre (3), Bourse (3) or Pyramides (7, 14)
Hours: Open every day for lunch & dinner
Reservations: Walk-ins Welcome
Telephone: 01 42 60 50 95
Average price for lunch: 10-19€
Average price for dinner: 10-19€
Style of cuisine: Japanese

Reviews of interest

Time Out (2013) “Les incontournables ? Le généreux râmen, bol de bouillon aux pâtes (environ 8 euros) et les gyoza, raviolis au porc, au chou blanc et au gingembre, grillés sur le dessus et moelleux en dessous (environ 5 euros les 6).”

Alexander Lobrano (2009) “… the best noodle-gyoza restaurant in Paris…”