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Our Guide to Bakeries & Pastry Shops

Here you’ll find all of our bakery and pastry listings, organized by arrondissement. Some of them do only pastry, some do only bread, but most do both. Click on the name for more information.


Eric Kayser 
Hugo & Victor
Jean-Paul Hévin
La Bague de Kenza
Pierre Hermé


Eric Kayser 
Gaetan Romp
Régis Colin


Café Pouchkine
Gerard Mulot
Jacques Genin
La Bague de Kenza
Maison Plisson
Pain de Sucre 
Profiterole Chérie
Tout Autour du Pain 

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The Best Baguettes in Paris are again in Montmartre

For the 4th year in a row (see past results below), a bakery in Montmartre has taken home the top prize. Congratulations to Pascal Barillon of Au Levain d'Antan! We'll report on the remaining top 10 results as they are revealed later tonight. You can click on any of the links to see these bakeries on our Google map, and you can visit Our Guide to Paris Bakeries for practical information and reviews.

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