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Deck & Donohue

Since opening their brewery in early 2014, Thomas Deck and Mike Donohue have been on a roll. With five flagship beers and one rotating seasonal brew, they make some of Paris’ best beer and sell it to many quality restaurants and bars in the city. A visit to the microbrewery in up-and-coming Montreuil makes a pleasant Saturday outing (the brewery is only open to the public on Saturdays), and Metro access is easy. Once there, you can meet the bearded brewers, sample their range of beers, buy bottles, or get a growler fill.

— Camille Malmquist, December 2015

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Edible Montreuil

Don’t get excited: Paris has no Brooklyn. Due to short-sighted urban planning in mid-century, Paris is cinched into its ring-road, le péripherique, like a dress it wore sixty years ago and never removed. The sheer impracticality of crossing this eternally congested ring-road has long prevented, in les banlieues, development of establishments Parisians might consider destinations. For Parisians, you’re either within city limits, or you’re way, way out.  >> Read More