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Fulgurances team via Fulgurances | parisbymouth.com

Fulgurances L’Adresse

French food magazine Fulgurances opened L’Adresse in 2015 as a culinary incubator featuring a rotating cast of guest chefs. Partnering chefs staying for varying lengths – sometimes a month and sometimes the better part of a year – and have a well-seasoned support team ready to help execute their vision. You can read more about the concept in our article “Fulgurances Opens a Restaurant,” and you can check their website to see who’s currently behind the stove.

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Green Goose pub in Paris | parisbymouth.com

The Green Goose

This may just be the white whale of Parisian bars: good homemade food, good craft beer, friendly service, and big enough to gather a crowd without becoming uncomfortably crowded.  Skip the Green Goose beer (a boring Belgian for happy hour purposes only) and discover the range of O’Hara’s on tap or one of the handful of Irish craft bottled beers – no industrial stout here. Settle in with a pint at one of the comfortable barstools or at a long communal table and don’t miss the lovingly prepared food at this excellent Irish gastropub, including Scotch eggs, a fair burger, and a big Sunday brunch.  >> Read More