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Restaurant David Toutain Opens December 23

The exterior of David Toutain's new restaurant
The soon-to-be Restaurant David Toutain at 29 rue Surcouf, 75007

David Toutain is back. Well, he will be shortly. The much lauded chef, who brought acclaim to Agapé Substance before jumping ship back in December 2012, will be returning with a new restaurant on December 23. He’s taking over Le Clarisse (29 rue Surcouf, 75007) and the new venture will bear his name, Restaurant David Toutain.

Check out for a very dramatic film (rebirth! transition! thunderclap!) designed to get you pumped for the resurrection.

For reservations, contact 01 45 51 11 10 or

2 Replies to “Restaurant David Toutain Opens December 23”

  1. Totally wonderful; chef, dishes (14-15) bread and coffee.
    For those of us on a pension however it’s pricey; for those of us half deaf it’s really loud and for those of us who hated Agape Substance ( not me Monsieur) it’s still David pushing the envelope.

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