The Sunken Chip

Michael Greenwold of Roseval and James Whelan of L’Inconnu have teamed up to open the first dedicated fish and chips shop in Paris. Hake, pollock or catch of the day are available alongside thick chips and mushy peas. Pickled eggs, fish nuggets, chip butties (french fry sandwiches) and candies from across the chunnel make for an authentic Brit experience.

Practical information

Address: 39 rue des Vinaigriers, 75010
Nearest transport: Jacques Bonsergent (10), Château d’Eau (4)
Hours: Closed Monday; Open Tuesday-Sunday for lunch and dinner
Reservations: Walk-Ins Welcome
Telephone: 01 53 26 74 46
Average price for lunch: 10-19€
Average price for dinner: 
Style of cuisine:
Fish & chips
Website   Facebook

Reviews of interest

France Today (2013) “The batter on their yellow pollack, sea bream, monkfish nuggets, and squid is light as a feather, and the quality of the fish is every bit as good, which is to say very, as you’d find at any serious Paris restaurant.”

Table à Découvert (2013) “La chair du poisson est tendre, se détache bien et la panure croustillante et fine lui va à ravir. Pour l’accompagner, de grosses frites bien dorées et goûteuses – un peu épaisses peut-être.”

Figaroscope (2013) “Le fish & chips (version merlu): bon mix tendre et croustillant harnaché de frites (très réussies) et de la classique purée de petits pois menthe (mushy peas).”

Le JDD (2013) “Le best du fish and chips débarque à Paris.”

John Talbott (2013) “The chips sure were sunken but the hake was magnificent.”

Not Drinking Poison in Paris (2013) “The Sunken Chip’s fish, sourced daily from a Breton fisherman and fine restaurant supplier called Thomas Sarraco, is impeccable. Of the three types I tried, the most impressive were the ugliest and least-invitingly named: “fish nuggets,” which is The Sunken Chip’s counter-intuitive way of selling monkfish cheek, the sôt-l’y laisse of the sea, savoured by every chef I know for its pliant delicacy. Who cares if it looks like something found in the fry-oil at the end of a shift?”

Alexander Lobrano (2013) “The fish and chips platter won me straight away, because the fish was so fresh–the seafood here comes from Thomas Saracco, a young small-boat fisherman in Brittany who’s won a reputation for his best-quality catch, and the batter was almost tempura like. Alas, the chips were soggy–I think the fryer needs some adjusting, but the dreaded side of mushy peas…were delicious–bright green, sweet, and garnished with chopped fresh mint.”

Hipsters in Paris (2013) “Servings are generous and the produce is top notch.”

Go Go Paris (2013) “There’s all sorts of authentically Brit sides, from home-made pickled onions or eggs to the “chip butty,” or chip sandwich, to English sodas including Ben Shaws Cream Soda or Vimto. Like everything else on the menu, the fish is of great quality; caught fresh daily and in France.”


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  1. John Talbott says:

    I get no response when I call on that thing called the telephone. Are they truly working this week?

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