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Tips for Amber

To leave a tip for Amber, click on any of the amounts below and we will match your donation* during the period when we’re unable to lead food tours.

Stay safe. Stay hungry. Come back and see us when you can!

Tips for Amber

Below, select the amount you’d like to tip Amber. She will receive 100% of your tip. We will match your donation*.

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*Each donor can have up to 50 euros matched by Paris by Mouth.

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Praise for Amber

We loved our tour around the Saint Germain with Amber! She was fun, outgoing, and very knowledgable. We went to several of the best shops in Paris, including a bakery, fromagerie, charcuterie, chocolate shop and pastry shop. She told us a bit about the history and context of each, then let us try some of the best items from each! We also picked up food along the way for the final tasting in the cellar of a wine shop. We very much enjoy the several hours spent on the tour and would recommend to any friend. 
-via TripAdvisor in October 2019

We booked Paris by Mouth because of their great reviews, and we wanted to do a good food tour for our first time in Paris. They were very polite and informational about where to meet and how to get there, and also provided our tour guides information in case we needed help finding her. Our tour guide was Amber and she was great! She had a great personality and was very knowledgeable about Paris and all of the food there! The small group setting made it easy for us to talk to her when we had questions about food or Paris (we had 8 people in our group total). We spent a few hours trying different foods ranging from charcuterie to fancy pastries, and then finished the tour at a wine shop sampling different cheeses with several wines. It was very great and we would recommend it! 
-via TripAdvisor in October 2019

We had a wonderful experience! I would highly recommend this tour. Our guide, Amber, did an amazing job! 
-via TripAdvisor in October 2019

My teenage daughter and I did the taste of Saint Germaine tour with Amber Grootjans and 5 other people and we had an amazing time. We visited the Patrice Chapon chocolate shop and had the most delicious chocolate mousse and then we visited the Polmard butcher. My daughter had not have beef, ever, and I hadn’t had red meat in 28 years, but after listening to Amber talk about Polmard, we both decided to try the Boeuf Seché and we enjoyed it. Later, when we went to the wine shop, we tried the Paté pur Boeuf, and that was very good. 
-via TripAdvisor in October 2019

We did this tour our first full day in Paris, and we recommend it without hesitation. Come hungry! Although the main tastings were at the end of the tour (when we had six cheeses, two meats, three wines, bread, and pastry – enough for dinner), we also tasted chocolates and each had a whole croissant before that! Amber was a fabulous guide, who knew a lot about culinary history as well as food production, and told us exactly what to look for and how to order different foods. She took us to very renowned, high quality establishments. She speaks English fluently and is personable and funny. It was a small group (8 people) and very convivial. 
-via TripAdvisor in September 2019

Did the eating/ walking tour with Amber today. It was fabulous! The food was extraordinary , the croissants, the cheeses, the chocolate and the charcuterie yummy. Then we went to a wine cellar to have more bread, different cheese and different meats all with 3 different wines While all that was wonderful it would not have been as enjoyable without our guide Amber. From the moment she arrived she was a font of energy, knowledge and humor. We had such a good time we would highly recommend this tour to anyone looking to understand French cuisine and culture 
-via TripAdvisor in September 2019

I did the Left Bank your with Amber. I already liked Paris a whole lot, but within the first 20 minutes Amber’s passion for all topics made me love Paris. Amber found me drinking coffee at the starting point and was immediately welcoming – like we’d already met. Amber knows so much about anything we asked related to the food, the history of the people and the city – it was even better than I could have hoped for. You find out how to recognize what you’re buying so if you are shopping later, you get what you intended. We got to try so many cheeses, some charcuterie, some desserts, one of the best croissant and baguette I’ve tasted anywhere and that’s before the wine. I bought 2 bottles of the wines we tried at very reasonable prices after the tour as well – the wine shop is a great end to the tour. The neighborhood we walked felt like classic Paris.
-via TripAdvisor in August 2019

We did the Taste of Saint Germaine on Saturday with Amber (whose English is perfect, btw). It was great. There were 8 of us, including one with a nut allergy and a vegetarian, and she made it work for us by warning the allergic teen about what he could and couldn’t eat, and making choices that were safe for him. We learned a lot, and ate a lot. We didn’t need to eat dinner after our 4 pm tour because we’d eaten so much. Amber has a background in French history and food, so she is perfect for this job. I highly recommend this tour!
-via TripAdvisor in July 2019

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