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Tips for Andrès

To leave a tip for Andrès, click on any of the amounts below and we will match your donation* during the period when we’re unable to lead food tours.

Stay safe. Stay hungry. Come back and see us when you can!

Tips for Andrès

Below, select the amount you’d like to tip Andrès. He will receive 100% of your tip. We will match your donation*.

Ignore the section about flexible & fixed date tickets (we couldn’t remove that text). This is a donation, not a ticket.

*Each donor can have up to 50 euros matched by Paris by Mouth.

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Praise for Andrès

My girlfriend and I took the Taste of Marais tour with Andres in early March. We’ve been on several food tours in different places, and this one was definitely top notch. Most importantly, Andres is amazing. He’s very friendly and super knowledgeable about both the food and the neighborhood. It was clear that building community among the tour participants was a priority, and it made the whole experience more enjoyable for all of us. He took the time to speak individually with each member of the group and get to know everyone a little. At the final stop of the tour, we shared wine and the food we’d collected along the way and had a really nice time with all our new friends.
TripAdvisor in March 2020

It was highly recommended by our friend to do a Paris by Mouth tour while we were there on our honeymoon. It was definitely a highlight from our time in Paris. Our guide, Andrés, was warm, welcoming and very knowledgeable. The food was absolutely delicious and it was such a joyous tour where we learned not only about the food and wines we tried but also the history of Paris and it’s food. Our only regret is that we didn’t book more of Paris by Mouth tours!- but we ended up going to many of Andrés food recommendations for the remainder of our time! All fantastic! Not to miss!
-via TripAdvisor in December 2019

We thoroughly enjoyed the Paris by Mouth tour of the Marais. Our guide, Andre, was great, the group was small and very pleasant and the things we tasted were amazing. The tour included tastings of delicious bread, chocolates, cheese, charcuterie, and wine, of course! We honestly ate so much that by the time we dispersed we were too full to do dinner. Andre was extremely knowledgeable of the shops, their specialties and made us all feel like connoisseurs by the end of the tour. I would definitely recommend!
-via TripAdvisor in November 2019

Took an amazing food tour around the Marais today with Andres! Stopped at 3 different spots, and then ended at a wine bar to eat all of the foods. Andres was extremely knowledgeable and willing to answer my many many questions. Highly recommended!
-via TripAdvisor in November 2019

We did the Taste of the Marias with Andrés. We ended up in a group of 4 couples, all celebrating something in Paris. Andrés met the group exactly at the time listed and quickly moved us to the me first stop. Our weather was less than ideal, cold and rainy, so he arranged for us to be inside at every location. Andrés was full of wonderful information about each shop and the items we were tasting as well as the wines he paired our cheese, meats, and macarons with at the end of the tour. This tour is absolutely worth the money spent and I would highly recommend Andrés – Paris by Mouth is lucky to have him on their staff.
-via TripAdvisor in November 2019

Our tour was expertly led by Andres, who is a fantastic, charming tour guide and completely fluent in English; I would highly recommend him as a guide for any tours — he covers more than just the Marais — next time we visit France we’d love to take a tour with him to the Champagne region. He is a trained chef and sommelier, so he knows a great deal about food and the food history of Paris, so he deftly answered all of my questions (and I had plenty!). We sampled breads and confections, then he took us to shops where he bought meats and cheeses that we enjoyed sitting at a table in a small wine shop with paired wines. All in all, it was a wonderful way to spend a few hours in Paris.
-via TripAdvisor in November 2019

This is my 4th trip to Paris and I wanted to do something that combined all the things I love about Paris: the streets, the foods, the wine, and atmosphere. The Taste of Marais beat my expectations. Andres was incredibly knowledgeable about the neighborhoods, the stops, the history and more importantly where to go to get the best wine, cheese, breads, and chocolate. I enjoyed my tour soo much I wanted to book another…but they sell out weeks in advance and now i know why.
-via TripAdvisor in October 2019

Our tour guide, Andres, is passionate about the history of the core French foods, and we benefited greatly from his enthusiasm! He introduced us to a few of the best artisanal food shops in the Marais neighborhood, with plenty of samples. We now have a deeper appreciation of the French food culture and knowledge of what to look for on our next trip to Paris. Merci beaucoup, Andres!
-via TripAdvisor in October 2019

The “Taste of the Marais” tour with Andres was thoroughly enjoyable. From the boulangerie with croissant and baguette to the chocolatier and cheese shops, we enjoyed the best quality of food Paris has to offer. We are much more appreciative of the way these foods are prepared and enjoyed. It will be a real shame to go back to the grocery store at home :/ Andreas made the tour fun, as well as educational, and our tour had a lovely group of people with whom to share the experience. It was a highlight of our trip to Paris!
-via TripAdvisor in September 2019

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