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Tips for Aurélien

To leave a tip for Aurélien, click on any of the amounts below and we will match your donation* during the period when we’re unable to lead food tours.

Stay safe. Stay hungry. Come back and see us when you can!

Tips for Aurélien

Below, select the amount you’d like to tip Aurélien. He will receive 100% of your tip. We will match your donation*.

Ignore the section about flexible & fixed date tickets (we couldn’t remove that text). This is a donation, not a ticket.

*Each donor can have up to 50 euros matched by Paris by Mouth.

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Praise for Aurélien

My husband and I have taken food, culture, local tours in Malta, Portugal. They were good but this tour Taste of Marais was over the top. Aurélien the guide once a baker, restaurant chef gave not only the history of bread, cheese, charcuterie, and wine in France but had a great sense of humor. It was a memorable experience that I learned so much about Paris and the food of France.
-via TripAdvisor in February 2020

We did the Marais Food Tour on a mother-daughter trip to Paris with 4 moms and 4 girls. It was a highlight for all of us. Aurelien was a funny, engaging, smart guide and the food was fun and delicious. A great way to learn about French culture and eat some fabulous local food. We all voted the tour a highlight of our trip.
-via TripAdvisor in February 2020

Aurelien was absolutely lovely to spend time with. His English was perfect and he was funny and engaging. This was by far my favorite thing I did while in Paris! Who knew there were so many interesting things to know about baguettes?! The bread, pastries, cheese, charcuterie, wine and candies were wonderful. They all tasted even better knowing the history and passion behind them. Thank you for an awesome day! Also, there was a very sweet young gal in a wheelchair on our tour and she got through the whole tour with no real issues! Anyone can do it!
-via TripAdvisor in January 2020

Taste of the Marais, with the lovely Mr Aurélien. This was all that I wanted: not just the delicious food, but a splendid and insightful introduction to the social, cultural, historical contexts of this food, and the culinary practices (I can’t help it: I’m an academic). It was also quite delightful how concentrated geographically this tour was, revealing an incredibly rich gustatory landscape. And of course I’d do another of these excursions! Why would you not?
-via TripAdvisor in January 2020

This is a fantastic way to be introduced to the importance of food in French culture, and how French culture shapes its food. Aurélien was a first rate guide, very knowledgeable and shared his knowledge in an interesting and engaging way.
-via TripAdvisor in December 2019

Our guide, Aurélien, did an amazing job! The tour was well organized and extremely informative. Possibly the best croissants and cheeses I’ve every had. They keep the groups small which make for a very enjoyable experience.
-via TripAdvisor in November 2019

Without giving too much detail of the tour, since the element of surprise was the best part of the tour, I will say that it was the highlight of our trip! Planning the tour was seamless and even with a transportation strike the day of our tour, I received communications of alternate ways to reach our meeting point. We met our guide, Aurélien, who was AWESOME! He was personable and extremely knowledgeable about the Latin Quarter and the history of the shops that we visited as well as the shops’ chefs/owners and the delicacies we had the privilege to sample. I highly recommend this tour and all I can say is Merci Beaucoup to everyone at Paris by Mouth and especially to Aurélien for the beautiful few hours we had the pleasure to share with you!
-via TripAdvisor in October 2019

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