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About Us

Paris by Mouth started in 2010 with the goal of helping ourselves, and maybe also you, find delicious things to eat. We wanted to keep track of what different critics, in both French and English, were saying about the local restaurant scene. We wanted to add our own two centimes. We’ve since written hundreds of restaurant reviews and share our advice here, in our newsletter, and on Instagram.

Our expert-led food tours are the #1 Paris tour activity on TripAdvisor. You can read a lot more about them here, including pricing, details about our different routes, and rave reviews from previous clients.

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Who We Are

Sara Kavelin (left) and Meg Zimbeck

Meg Zimbeck is the founder and Editor of Paris by Mouth. She edits the newsletter, contributes restaurant reviews and other articles, selects favorites, and manages our social media.

Sara Kavelin is the Director of our food tours and responsible for engaging with our clients, managing relationships with the outstanding shops we visit, and supporting the expert guides we’re so lucky to work with.

Additional contributors

Emily Monaco contributes restaurant reviews and news coverage in addition to leading food tours.

Aaron Ayscough contributes restaurant reviews and is currently completing a book about natural wine in France.

Jennifer Greco writes about cheese in addition to leading food tours and our French Cheese Explosion.

Diane Ruengsorn contributes restaurant reviews in addition to leading food tours.

Barbra Austin (left) & Meg Zimbeck, original co-editors of PbM

Past website collaborators have included Barbra Austin (Co-Editor), Emily Brookes (Managing Editor), Catherine Down (Assistant Editor), Francesca Hansen (Business Development), Alexander Lobrano (Features Editor), Dorie Greenspan (Contributing Editor), Patricia Wells (Contributing Editor), Clotilde Dusoulier (Contributing Editor), John Talbott (Contributing Editor), Sophie Brissaud (Contributing Editor), Phyllis Flick (Contributing Editor) Julien Tort (Contributing Editor), Christophe Wakim (Contributing Editor), Camille Malmquist (Contributor) and Thor Iverson (Contributor).

Questions? Send us an email!