The Impact of Coronavirus on Paris Restaurants

The motto of Paris - Fluctuat nec mergitur "tossed by the waves but not sunk" - will be mightily tested in the coming months. We will be sharing the ways in which restaurants and their clients are innovating and trying to stay afloat, showing generosity in the face of uncertainty, and otherwise keeping hope alive. We may also be documenting and mourning some restaurant closures.

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Help for Our Tour Guides

We have cancelled all Paris by Mouth tours through the end of May (at least). Our clients needn't worry - we are offering 100% refunds and have refunded more than 100,000 euros to date. Our talented guides, on the other hand, have much to worry about...

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Pantagruel boasts a unique concept: three ingredients approached in three different ways on three different plates. The result is an exercise in delicacy and precision.

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Return Check-Ups

Restaurants Near the Louvre

Restaurants Near the Eiffel Tower