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On a busy street lined with touristy pubs near Saint Sulpice, Tiger is a cocktail-focused breath of fresh air. Gin & tonics are the specialty here, with more than six variations on the standard available, all made with Tiger’s homemade tonic. Other gin-based cocktails make up a strong part of the menu (think French 75 or martinez), and, as one might expect, the selections for individual gins are excellent, including a version from noted calvados producer Christian Drouin. Those seeking a little variety have other options in the form of a short classic cocktails menu, too. Vaguely Southeast Asian small plates are available, too, if you’re hungry, but the laidback atmosphere and fun cocktails are the true draw.

Helmed by the gregarious Stanislas Jouenne, formerly at La Maison du Whisky, Tiger is a relaxed alternative to the other more serious (and more uptight) cocktail destination nearby, Prescription Club.

Practical information

Address: 13 rue Princesse, 75006
Nearest transport: Mabillon (10), Saint Sulpice (4)
Hours: Closed Sunday & Monday
Telephone: 09 77 42 07 30
Reservations: Walk-Ins Welcome
Average price for a cocktail: 12€
Average price for dinner: 20-39€
Style of cuisine: Small plates, Southeast Asian
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Reviews of interest

52 Martinis (2016) “It’s not just the nice drinks, décor and service that are setting the Tiger apart. It’s also drawing a slightly different crowd. And, I wager it’s due to its left bank location. Tiger’s twitter page recommends “Tu veux fuir les hipsters ? Traverse la seine.” (Want to escape the hipsters? Cross the Seine) See, on this side of the Seine, we’ve got the intellectuals, literature and jazz. We’re more hepcat than hipster. Plus we’ve got the best gin joint in town.”

Paris Bouge (2016) “On sirote le hit de la maison : un Oh My Dog, cocktail au gin infusé au poivre blanc, citron vert, pama, cordial rapsberry & rose et ginger ale… French touch avec un Gin Tonic normand, un gin de Christian Drouin, des billes de pommes infusées au calvados et un tonic maison (utilisé dans tous les Gin Tonic). Pour les plus épris du gin, on s’accoude au comptoir et on sélectionne parmi les références choisies par ce tigre : des plus grandes maisons (Hendricks, Bombay, Monkey 47…) jusqu’aux petits producteurs (Sip Smith et Dodd’s (UK), Juniper et Koval (US)…”

Le Figaro (2016) “Entre exotisme asiatique du papier peint à feuilles de palmier et la fraîcheur des petits carreaux de mosaïque bleus et gris, Tiger appartient à cette nouvelle génération d’établissements qui respirent la quiétude.”

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