The city’s most buttery, authentic crêpes served in an old-school dining room full of dark wood and Breton lace.

Practical information

Address: 67 rue du Montparnasse, 75014
Nearest transport: Montparnasse-Bienvenüe (4, 6, 12, 13) or Edgar Quinet (6)
Hours: Closed Sunday
Reservations: Reservations not accepted
Telephone: 01 43 20 93 50
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Average price for lunch: Less than 10€
Average price for dinner: 10-19€
Style of cuisine: French, Breton & Crêpes
Special attributes: comfort food, vegetarian options, good for groups, good for solo dining, continuous all-day service, open Monday
Type of crowd: neighborhood locals, families
Interior: charming & traditional
Atmosphere: bustling

Reviews of interest

  • David Lebovitz (2010) “A popular crêperie—and lots of fun.”
  • Barbra Austin (2010) “You can go simple and classic, ham cheese, egg and ham, mushroom…I love the Maraîchere, filled with spinach, cream, cheese, an egg, and topped with strips of bacon.”
  • François Simon (2010) “Mais la galette complète est elle bonne? Bourrative, cataplasmique, il faut vraiment aimer, étouffe païen, facturée 9,50 euros.”
  • Le Figaro (2009) “Pourtant, facturée moins de 9 € le plus souvent, la complète reste une alternative savoureuse, nourrissante et économique en temps de crise…”
  • David Lebovitz (2006) “In an area crowded with crêperies the one that stands out is Josselin.”

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