Eric Kayser

Don’t let the multiple locations fool you into thinking that this is some kind of mediocre chain bakery: The breads at Kayser are excellent (ranked #1 on our list of Five Great Baguettes in Paris).

An absolute favorite

Practical information

Address: 8 rue Monge, 75005
Nearest transport: Maubert-Mutualité (10)
Hours: Closed Tuesday
Telephone: 01 44 07 01 42
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Additional Locations

Address: 33 rue Danielle Casanova, 75001
Nearest transport: Pyramides (7, 14)
Hours: Closed Sunday
Telephone: 01 42 97 59 29

Address: 16 rue des Petits-Carreaux, 75002
Nearest transport: Sentier (3)
Hours: Closed Sunday
Telephone: 01 42 33 76 48

Address: 14 rue Monge, 75005
Nearest transport: Maubert-Mutualité (10)
Hours: Closed Monday
Telephone: 01 44 07 17 81

Address: 10 rue de l’Ancienne Comedie, 75006
Nearest transport: Odéon (4, 10)
Hours: Closed Sunday
Telephone: 01 43 25 71 60

Address: 87 rue d’Assas, 75006
Nearest transport: Port-Royal (RER B)
Hours: Closed Sunday
Telephone: 01 43 54 92 31

Address: 18 rue du Bac, 75007
Nearest transport: Solferino (12)
Hours: Closed Monday
Telephone: 01 42 61 27 63

Address: 85 blvd Malesherbes, 75008
Nearest transport: Villiers (2, 3)
Hours: Closed Sunday
Telephone: 01 45 22 70 30

Address: 309 rue du Faubourg St. Antoine, 75011
Nearest transport: Nation (1, 2, 6, 9)
Hours: Closed Sunday
Telephone: 01 43 79 01 76

Address: 77 quai Panhard et Levassor, 75013
Nearest transport: Bibliothèque François Mitterand (14, RER C)
Hours: Closed Sunday
Telephone: 01 56 61 11 06

Address: 87 rue Didot, 75014
Nearest transport: Plaisance (13)
Hours: Closed Wednesday
Telephone: 01 45 42 59 19

Address: 79 rue du Commerce, 75015
Nearest transport: Commerce (8)
Hours: Closed Sunday
Telephone: 01 44 19 88 54

Address: 79 ave Mozart, 75016
Nearest transport: Jasmin (9)
Hours: Closed Sunday
Telephone: 01 42 88 03 29

Address: 19 ave des Ternes, 75017
Nearest transport: Ternes (2)
Hours: Closed Sunday
Telephone: 01 43 80 23 28

Reviews of interest

Le Figaro (2014) #5 madeleine in Paris

David Lebovitz (2009) Recommended in The Sweet Life in Paris.

Stephen L. Kaplan (2006) Recommended in Good Bread Is Back.

10 thoughts on “Eric Kayser”

  1. Heather soni says:

    Not all locations have gluten free only one does. I found out the hard way with my kids. Needless to say my kids were very unhappy.

  2. justine says:

    I used to be an addict for their croissants & pain au chocolat … Not any more.
    I would walk down from my home to the rue Monge Eric Kayser.

    The croissants are very much smaller, made with too much butter I think to the point that it is almost flat in shape .
    They have some behind the glass with all the other viennoise, but they always go to the rack behind and give you them from there, which are always smaller than the displayed.
    I asked her to change it one time, I received a stare not so nice, That was the last time I went in there. I will not receive costumer service or quality like that. I even gave up the gorgeous tradition baguette from there, on account of this.

    The Parisienne just round the corner on Blvd St Germain is so much nicer, & the staff are wonderful.

  3. Eric says:

    I had a delicious formule of poached fish on a bed of lentils, an excellent petit pain, dark chocolate mousse with a chocolate crumble crust and Perrier at a store not far from the Madeleine. Very good value at 13€ and delicious.

  4. Ann says:

    Erich Kayser is one of the reasons I return to Paris every year, ok, it’s only four hours on the train from Frankfurt, but even so. While the macarons are not the best in Paris (it’s hard to beat Ladurée, let’s face it), it does have the best and biggest financiers I’ve ever tried (the pistachio is my favourite) and one of their sourdough sandwiches will keep you well fed for an extended walking tour of the city. The queues outside the Rue Monge branch on Sundays confirm that this is also a favourite bakery for local Parisiens.

  5. Craig Peden says:

    Great baguette and pastry. MULTI location is a benefit. I will be back for more !

  6. danielle says:

    Just got back from Paris and had a wonderful “pizza” at Eric Kayser (the one not far from Bastille). It had fresh tomatoes, anchovy and salmon (I believe) with a variety of cheeses. Very savory. Very cheap. 4 euro, I think. Would serve two as a snack.

  7. John Talbott says:

    FYI, Eric Kayser has opened a restaurant in the Cour St-Emilion (Metro #14) that was received a bit ho-hum by ER in Figaro but compared to the rest of the competition (excepting the Repaire de Cartouche 2 aka Cartouche Cafe) might just catch on.

  8. Judy Simon says:

    We spent a week in the 6th. in May, 2010 and loved everyting we sampled from Eric Kayser, especially the croissants, baguettes, and chocolate chunk/pecan coookies. We’re going to Paris this fall and are salivating already. Five + stars from us. ( I’ve been a pastry afficionado for 40 years.)

  9. Hilary says:

    We bought baguette there every day for three weeks. Wonderful, we miss them!

  10. afro says:

    I bought a tradition here, it was truly terrible, I had to throw it away and get one from La Parisienne.

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