Contemporary French cooking in a polished, airy room from a couple of Grande Cascade alums.

Practical information

Address: 2 rue de Berne, 75008
Nearest transport: Europe (3) or Liège (13)
Hours: Closed Sunday, closed Saturday lunch
Reservations: Book a day or two in advance
Telephone: 01 45 22 18 91

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Average price for lunch: 20-34€
Average price for dinner: 35-49€
Style of cuisine: Modern French
Special attributes: open Monday
Type of crowd: suits, foodies, neighborhood locals
Interior: polished & modern
Atmosphere: casual

Reviews of interest

  • John Talbott (2012) “…once again were quite pleased…The firsts were beautifully presented and tasting; sliced ormeaux (abalone) on a bed of pureed asparagus with asparagus and a toast with a sour cream like topping that perfectly offset the blandness of the gastropod molluscs; sliced raw scallops with citrus; and a rondelle of foie gras with toast…”
  • John Talbott (2011) “The carte was generous and seemed reasonably-priced…but there were supplements on everything that sounded interesting…the bio egg sheathed in an etherial batter on a bed of celery puree…’snackies’ of calamari with assertive black olives, red bell pepper slices and onion.  Both were ‘wow’ dishes.”
  • Alexander Lobrano (2011) “this island of 19th century urban planning par excellence finally has a really good destination restaurant…we were riveted by the food…”
  • François-Régis Gaudry (2011) “…une jolie bouille de bistrot art déco avec globes, moulures géométriques et vieux zinc chiné… un accueil touchant, des prix bienveillants…Une très belle surprise au coeur de l’été, qui va buzzer fort, soyez-en sûrs.

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