Our Guide to Paris Wine Shops

Below you’ll find all of our wine shop listings, including closet-sized boutiques, a wine superstores, plus plenty of caves à manger and wine bars that do double duty, selling bottles at retail, or for drinking on the spot.


Des Mets Des Vins
Le Garde Robe


Legrand Filles et Fils




Chapitre 20
Les Caves du Marais


Caves du Panthéon
La Fontaine aux Vins
Le Porte-Pot
Le Vin Qui Parle
Les Papilles
Maison Claudel Vins et Whiskey
Paris Terroirs


Bacchus et Ariane
Cave at La Grande Epicerie
La Dernière Goutte
La Quincave




Caves Augé
Les Caves Taillevent


La Cave du Lafayette Gourmet
Le Vin au Vert


La Cantine du Quentin


Au Nouveau Nez
Crus et Découvertes
Jeanne A.
La Cave du Daron
Le Cave
Le Vin de Bohème
Paris Terroirs
Septime Cave


Des Mets Des Vins
Le Siffleur des Ballons
Les Caves de Prague
Les Caves de Reuilly




La Cave des Papilles


Des Mets Des Vins


Le Vin en Tête


Cave du Miroir
La Cave des Abbesses


La Cave de Belleville
Ô Divin Epicerie


Au Nouveau Nez
Fine L’Épicerie de Belleville

11 Comments on Our Guide to Paris Wine Shops

  1. Sadly My wine trip of Europe, France and the old world of wines is coming to and end. I’m now in the city center of Paris. 20 meters walk from the Luxembourg Garden. All the fine wines I found in France I found in this very store. “La Cave du Sénat Duval & Blanchet”
    “La Cave du Sénat Duval & Blanchet” has a large selection of wines (Bordeaux, Burgundy, Languedoc, Loire and Champagne…) Furthermore in the shop they have the best of France finest wines (Romanée Conti, Petrus, Château Lafite Rothschild, Château Haut Brion, Château Margaux and Château Cheval Blanc…).
    The fine wine store is very well equipped with tasting table in the store.
    Also La Cave du Sénat has a master class room that really sets a great wine store atmosphere to enjoy and taste the best of the best.
    +33 1 73 74 10 40
    16, rue de Vaugirard 75006– PARIS

  2. Meilleursvinsbio is missing : it is the first 100 % organic and biodynamic cave. Located in the 17ème, rue Legendre. The team is really friendly and the great wine selection was made by Antoine Pétrus, the well known sommelier from Hôtel Crillon. Just pick anywine here and you’ll be amaized with the quality. The prices are really affordable and they also deliver anywhere in Paris for free. Three times a week they organize great wine tasting class for beginner !

  3. I would highly reccommend PhiloVino in the 13eme. Most of the wines are biologique or produced ethically – of exceptional taste and quality, and the proprietor is a very friendly globe trotting sommelier.


  4. Lavinia is wonderful. It’s 3 stories of wine and it has pretty much everything. Of course you’ll pay a high price for the best wines, but at least they have them in stock.

  5. You should maybe include ‘Le Barav’ which is located at 6 Rue Charles-François Dupuis, 75003 near Metro Temple. A great cave with helpful staff and plenty of tasting opportunities. You can select a bottle and enjoy it at their bar next door with some amazing platters. It’s always busy, so it’s best to reserve a table in the bar if you fancy sampling the wines…

  6. From my first visit in 2002, and every subsquent visit since (and there have been many), I have been completely charmed by the Les Grande Caves location on Rue Poncelet. The proprietor, Jerome Huard might be the most charming Parisian I’ve ever met, and he knows his wine. He will find you something to drink whatever your price point and taste and so far he has never steered me wrong. He is generous with the tasting. I took my parents to his shop on our visit last fall and they went back every day of our five day stay in Paris. It’s tiny, but so good, and on a market street with many other fine stores.

  7. When you’re overcome by the richness of the selections available in the caves of Paris you might rely on “Madame” at Le Rubis to select something from their cellar to perfectly match your menu.

  8. There are a couple of nice cavistes in my ‘hood that also serve food (assiettes de charcuterie et fromages) and charge a small corkage fee if you decide to have your wine sur place.
    5 eme Cru – 7 rue Cardinal Lemoine 75005
    Les Pages du Vin – 44 rue de Boulangers 75005
    P.S., – both places are run by people who speak fluent English.

  9. Thanks for the comment, L. We’ll continue to research and add caves to the list and welcome any other suggestions.

  10. Les Caves du Panthéon are missing! The selection of wine is excellent, Olivier is wonderful, and the atmosphere is always great due to the nice staff and the regulars hanging about.
    174, rue Saint-Jacques, 75005

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