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A Pasta Shop for Giovanni Passerini

Giovanni Passerini, the Roman chef behind the beloved and now-closed Rino, has today opened a fresh pasta shop near the Marché d’Aligre at 65 rue Traversière, 75012.

Pastificio Passerini will make fresh pasta daily to cook at home and sell everything needed to make it into a meal, including various jarred ragus and sauces, fresh herbs to infuse into butter, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, cured meat, and a handful of high-end Italian grocery products.

ragouts pastificio passerini

On opening day, the chef had fresh pappardelle, taglioni, and tagliatelle (fresh and buckwheat), plus three stuffed pastas including Taleggio cheese and seaweed ravioli, ravioli with pumpkin, brown butter, pistachios, and bergamot ricotta, and an agnolotti with mortadella, chicory, pork and veal. Prices for the fresh pasta are astoundingly low for the quality, with plain versions selling for €1.90 per 150 grams and stuffed pastas for €3.90, with roughly 150 grams suggested per person.

agnolotti pastificio passerini | parisbymouth.com

To shorten wait times, you can call ahead and order in advance. Orders for the next day should be placed from 3-5pm the night beforehand. Printed recipes for how to cook and sauce the pastas will eventually be available, too.

Those who wish to have their pasta cooked for them can look forward to the chef’s new restaurant, Restaurant Passerini, which will open just next door sometime mid-2016. It’s still under construction but Passerini promises table-side garnishes and refined Italian comfort food.

pastificio passerini | parisbymouth.com

For practical info and hours on the pasta shop, check out our guide page for Pastificio Passerini.


Practical information

Address: 1 rue d’Eupatoria, 75020
Nearest transport: Ménilmontant (2)
Hours: Closed Sunday & Monday; Open Tuesday-Saturday for lunch & dinner
Reservations: Book a few weeks in advance
Telephone: 09 53 56 24 14
Average price for lunch: 10-19€
Average price for dinner: 40-59€
Style of cuisine: Italian
Website   Facebook   Book Online

Reviews of interest

Table à Découvert (2015) “Une assiette étrange à l’arrivée, je me souvenais juste que j’avais commandé le Saint-Pierre. En fait, le filet ferme et délicieux apparaît sous une belle couche d’herbes réduites en purée, il y a juste une ou deux petites branches de thym qui apparaissent encore. C’est sacrément vert, frais et d’une belle couleur chlorophyllée. Un peu de ricotta pour la douceur, des branches et des feuilles de chicorée juste saisies, je me régale. Et pour tout vous dire, je découvre le poisson dans une version végétale, brute, un peu amère et à la fois douce de ricotta.”

Alexander Lobrano (2015) “He’s a solidly talented cook with some great ideas, and his team is lovely, and once they find someone to make all the pieces fit together, Dilia just may become a restaurant that solidly lives up to all of the early hype.”

The New York Times (2015) “His modern take on hometown classics, like mussels with cabbage, surprise and delight. And dishes like rigatoni with pigeon gizzards, mint and Pecorino, and a silky sabayon-like egg cream spiked with lime zest marry, with little effort, untraditional tastes and textures.”

Paris Bouge (2015) “Une bonite juste à l’huile et sa chair qui se déchire de tendreté: douceur. Gnocchi betterave, huître, raifort : délicieusement tonique, profond, l’iode et la terre ; tout comme ce cœur de canard, bulots et girolles mais qui accorde plus difficilement l’océan et le terrestre. Ode à l’Italie avec un cabillaud, spaghetti al dente de pommes de terre et une eau de tomate ensoleillée qui nous mène en deux temps trois mouvements à Capri.”

Le Figaro (2015) “Exit le Roseval qui, sans bousculer son décor post-bohème, se découvre une fraîche bande emmenée par un chef italien, non dénué de brio et malin à calmer le jeu mignard de la jeune scène, au profit d’une cuisine de style et de sève toute en maîtrise. Un chic d’auberge!

Le Fooding (2015) “Trattoria-spheric at lunch, the menu propels you even higher at dinnertime… We had a a mélange of chicken, eel, verbena and fregula in a crystalline bouillon, with a French kiss of bonito à l’huile; stupefying, incredibly soft and deep crimson beet gnocchi with salty notes from a warm oyster and horseradish sprouts; Tuscan codall’isolana (with onions and tomatoes) with practically raw potato spaghetti; miraculous pigeon suprême and thigh, red orach (spinach’s bitter cousin) and red currants; spaghetti with mussels and lime zest confit; and grilled skewered duck with whelks and chanterelles for an autumnal touch, before a trio of desserts…”

Photo courtesy of Dilia’s Facebook page

Eataly to open in Paris

DSC01959Eataly in Rome

Eataly, the super-sized Italian food court/store with outposts in New York, Tokyo, and Istanbul, has struck a deal to open in Paris in 2015 or 2016. In partnership with Galeries Lafayette, Eataly will open their 6ooo m2 store in the Marais (so as not to compete with Galeries Lafayette’s own food hall) right next to the BHV.

While we were scratching our heads while visiting Eataly Rome, wondering why such a superstore was necessary in a city filled with excellent mom & pop purveyors, Eataly Paris seems like a brilliant idea. There are so few sources for good Italian products in Paris, and (we think) a lot of pent up demand. Between this, the opening of Caffé Stern, and whatever projects Giovanni Passerini and Pierre Jancou get up to next, we’re expecting a big wave of Italophilia in 2015.

Read the full story from Le Figaro


Cooperative Latte Cisternino

The source for some of the best burrata in town, and other products direct from Italy.

Practical information

Address: 46 rue du Faubourg Poissonière, 75010
Nearest transport: Poissonière (7)
Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 10 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m.- 8 p.m.; closed Saturday and Sunday
Telephone: 01 47 70 30 36

Additional Locations

Address: 108 rue Saint Maur, 75011
Nearest transport: Parmentier (3)
Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 10 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m.- 8 p.m.; closed Saturday and Sunday
Telephone: 01 43 38 54 54

Address: 17 rue Geoffroy Saint Hilaire, 75005
Nearest transport: Censier Daubenton (7)
Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 10 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m.- 8 p.m.; closed Saturday and Sunday

Address: 37 rue Godot de Mauroy, 75009
Nearest transport: Havre-Caumartin (3, 9)
Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 10 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m.- 8 p.m.; closed Saturday and Sunday
Telephone: 06 74 91 66 58



Practical information

Address: 6 rue des Ecouffes, 75004
Nearest transport: Saint Paul (1)
Hours: Closed Monday and lunch on weekdays; Open Tuesday-Friday for dinner and Saturday-Sunday for lunch & dinner
Reservations: Book a few days in advance
Telephone: 01 42 77 24 59
Average price for lunch: 40-59€
Average price for dinner: 40-59€
Style of cuisine: Italian

Reviews of interest

Le Figaro (2012) “Une micro-trattoria plus disposée à soigner son décor en veine vintage qu’à surveiller l’al dente de la pasta… ici, comme souvent, au prétexte de l’Italie, la nonchalance des assiettes finit par agacer.”

Photo via L’Alimentari’s Facebook page

I Cugini

Practical information

Address: 33 rue de Paradis, 75010
Nearest transport: Poissonnière (7)
Hours: Closed Saturday & Sunday; Open Monday-Friday for lunch & dinner
Reservations: Walk-ins welcome
Telephone: 01 48 01 65 34
Average price for lunch: 20-39€
Average price for dinner: 20-39€
Style of cuisine: Italian
Website   Facebook

Reviews of interest

John Talbott (2010) “… has the sparkling but genuine feel of a neighborhood trattoria… penne with porcini that was also quite good but my linguine with vongole was about the best I’ve ever had…”

Photo courtesy of I Cugini’s Facebook Page


Practical information

Address: 91 boulevard Beaumarchais, 75003
Nearest transport: Saint-Sébastien-Froissart (8) or Chemin Vert (8)
Hours: Open every day for lunch & dinner
Reservations: Book a day or two in advance
Telephone: 01 42 78 11 96
Average price for lunch: 20-39€
Average price for dinner: 20-39€
Style of cuisine: Italian, pizza, vegetarian options

Reviews of interest

Le Fooding (2015) “On vient autant chez Grazie pour les cocktails de folie, secoués derrière le massif comptoir par Ricardo et Alejandra (Harigatorade, No Fear No Pear… 12€) que pour humer l’air du temps et l’odeur des pizzas (aux farines et produits 100% italiens) sortant du four à bois. Nos préférées: la Bawini (spianata calabra, saucisson piquant), et l’Aurora (tomate, mozza, basilic, tout simplement).”

World’s Best Bars (2012) “From the inventive cocktail list, the Vie en Rose is a gin and tonic with a Mediterranean twist and the sake and wasabi Bloody Mary is guaranteed to give you a kick, or try the super smooth basil and honey martini. They also do a mean Breakfast Martini as well as a range of well-executed classic drinks.”

52 Martinis (2011) “These pizzas are the perfect accompaniment to the cocktails. When a drinks menu is so tempting, upscale carby goodness is the ideal way to soak up any overindulgence. And these pizzas aren’t just belly-fillers, they’ll draw as much clientele on their own as the cocktails.”

Le Figaro (2011) “Le Bellini avait des fourmis dans les jambes et ne décollait pas vraiment, il manquait de pulpe et de bulles. De fraîcheur quoi, alors que dans le verre voisin une délicieuse bombinette fit des ravages: basilic, miel et martini: boum. Parfait pour accélérer des soirées.”

Il Campionissimo

Practical information

Address: 26 rue Léopold Bellan, 75002
Nearest transport: Sentier (3)
Hours: Open every day continuously for lunch & dinner
Reservations: Walk-ins Welcome
Telephone: 01 42 36 40 28
Average price for lunch: 20-39€
Average price for dinner: 20-39€
Style of cuisine: Italian & pizza
Website   Facebook   Book Online

Reviews of interest

Table à Découvert (2012) “Un lieu vaste, une équipe alerte, un décor contemporain… une pâte parfaite pour moi, fraîche, tendre, fine, à l’élasticité idéale… très gourmande…”

Photo via Il Campionissimo’s Facebook page

La Briciola

Practical information

Address: 64 rue Charlot, 75003
Nearest transport: Filles du Calvaire (8)
Hours: Closed Sunday; Open Monday-Saturday for lunch & dinner
Reservations: Walk-ins Welcome
Telephone: 01 42 77 34 10
Average price for lunch: 10-19€
Average price for dinner: 10-19€
Style of cuisine: Italian & pizza, vegetarian options

Reviews of interest

Le Figaro (2008) “… des petits vins biens sentis et des pizzas en série, craquantes, habillées de frais, relevant le niveau du genre.”

David Lebovitz (2008) “The Napoletana was fine, although would’ve been better with top-quality olives; my pizza topped with sausage was the winner of the two. With a chilled carafe of rosato, we were happy…”

Photo via La Briciola’s Facebook page

Il Carpaccio

This is no longer included among the favorite 350 addresses that make up Our Guide to Paris Restaurants. We’ve maintained this page so that you can refer to the practical information and other reviews of interest. Feel free to share your own opinion in the comments.

Practical information

Address: 37 avenue Hoche, 75008 (in the Royal Monceau)
Nearest transport: Étoile (1, 2, 6, RER A)
Hours: Lunch and dinner, every day
Reservations: Book a week or two in advance
Telephone: 01 42 99 89 71

Average price for lunch: more than 100€
Average price for dinner: more than 100€
Style of cuisine: Italian
Special attributes: open Sunday, open Monday
Type of crowd: style hounds, suits
Interior: elegant & luxe
Atmosphere: formal

Reviews of interest

  • Thierry Richard (2011) “les assiettes qui s’ensuivent ne décoivent pas dans cette veine italo-sophistiquée qui passe les standards transalpins à la moulinette de la modernité….dans son genre haut du panier, l’une des meilleures tables italiennes de la capitale. Service de palace et prix à l’avenant.”
  • Alexander Lobrano (2011) “The remodeled Il Carpaccio is very pretty…Unfortunately, even though Rispoli’s debut dish–mackerel with Italian fatback, preserved lemon and a salad of  bitter greens–was very pretty, it was also monastic and very bland, odd for such a full-flavored fish. Next up, a fancy vegetable minestrone… again, very bland.”
  • Emmanuel Rubin – Le Figaro (2010) “une Italie comme on en croise rarement…Tête de cèpe farcie : si l’automne avait un goût, ce plat lui ressemblerait ! Tortellini de pintade, châtaigne et son bouillon : on en boufferait jusqu’à la porcelaine de l’assiette.”

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