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Address: 46, rue Daubenton, 75005
Hours: Open for breakfast and lunch (tea salon) and dinner Wednesday-Sunday. Closed Monday & Tuesday.
Telephone: +33 1 73 74 74 06
Online Booking / Website / Facebook / Instagram

Our Review

We have not yet reviewed this restaurant. Below you’ll find a summary of reviews to see what others are saying about it.

In Other Words

Le Fooding (2019) praises the set menu from chef Adrien Buniazet, dubbing it, by turns, “thunderous” and “explosively flavorful.”

L’Express (2019) dubs the evening menu “marvellous,” grading it 3/4.

Le Monde (2019) does not echo the praise over this restaurant, writing, that, “alas,” many dishes lack subtlety. Setting foot in Chinaski, writes Marie Aline, one is “already disappointed.” “Inside, it looks too much like an Instagram account.”

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