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Géosmine restaurant in Paris

Géosmine is a new restaurant from chef Maxime Bouttier, who was previously cooking at the Belleville bistro Mensae. This new perch, in the heart of Oberkampf and occupying the old Botanique space, is beautifully raw. It’s a fitting setting for Bouttier’s provocative cooking, served à la carte at lunch and in tasting menu format at dinner. We’ll be publishing a full review soon, and plan to include Géosmine among our 50 Favorite Restaurants for Fall.


71 Rue de la Folie Méricourt, 75011
Open Thursday-Monday for lunch & dinner
Closed Tuesday & Wednesday
Reservations online or at +33 9 78 80 48 59

Their Instagram / Our Instagram



  • The New York Times (2023) “Proof Mr. Bouttier likes to provoke is a dish very rarely seen on Paris menus: cow’s udder with caviar, cream and seaweed. With his sinewy talent and lyrical gastronomic creativity, Mr. Bouttier is one of the most impressive young chefs in Paris right now.”
  • Le Point (2023) “One of the revelations of 2023.”
  • Michelin Guide (2023) “Geosmin is the aroma that rises from freshly ploughed or wet soil. The restaurant of Maxime Bouttier is very much in touch with nature. Hailing from the Sarthe département, this chef has worked in the kitchens of some of the greats… His dishes are delicious, pared-back and accomplished, steering clear of the trap of over-complexity…The two-storey town house in a terraced row in the Oberkampf neighbourhood has the distinctive feel and decor of the eastern districts of Paris.”


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