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La Grande Epicerie

Address: 38 rue de Sèvres, 75007
Hours: Open Monday-Saturday 8:30am-9pm. Closed Sunday.
Telephone: +33 1 44 39 81 00

The food hall of department store Le Bon Marché, offering fresh food and fine groceries for chic one-stop shopping.

In Other Words

Vogue (2015) “Sprawling over two floors, this is the ne plus ultra of gourmet food shops, offering every form of French charcuterie, cheese, butter, wine, bread, and a bevy of glossy patisseries displayed like jewels. While everything is delicious, go for the sweets in the store’s boulangerie section: humble baked goods such as pains au chocolat, rustic apple tarts, and buttery tea cakes.”

Le Figaro (2013) “Cette grande institution parisienne retrouve sa coupole d’origine et se projette dans l’avenir. De loin la plus belle pour aller manger, elle se réclame aussi d’un cercle vertueux qui, au-delà du luxe ambiant, met en avant le savoir-faire de ses artisans, tous passeurs d’excellence.”

Time Out (2012) “This temple of good taste is located on the ground floor of Le Bon Marché, Paris’s oldest department store, where its bakery, patisserie, butcher’s and cheese shop will all urge you to give in to gourmet temptation. Prices depend on the age and origin of the product, so you can just as easily enjoy a delicious pistachio macaroon for two euros as bankrupt yourself for a bottle of olive oil.”

Photo via La Grande Epicerie’s Facebook page

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