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Paris by Mouth boycotts Lavinia

Marc Sibard, manager of Caves Augé and wine buyer for Lavinia, was found guilty on July 6, 2017 of multiple counts of criminal sexual assault, sexual harassment and psychological harassment against his female employees. A hearing on June 9 was the culmination of nearly 5 years of investigations with three female employees filing charges at different times against Sibard. Four other employees contributed additional and similar testimony, bringing the total number of documented complaints to seven.

Marc Sibard has contributed greatly to the wine industry in France, in particular as an advocate of natural wine, but he has an equally substantial track record for harassment and assault. We are boycotting both Caves Augé and Lavinia while they continue to support this criminally convicted sexual predator.

Update: We have learned that Sibard has been “laid off” and we are looking into the details.

Here are some other wine shops in Paris that we recommend.

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