Le Cinq

Address: 31 avenue George V, 75008
Hours: Open every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner
Telephone: +33 1 49 52 70 00
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Le Cinq has not yet announced plans to reopen, but the George V’s restaurant Le George, complete with outdoor seating, reopened in June. Reserve by phone (01 49 52 71 54) or online.

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In Other Words

Reviews for chef Christian Le Squer

Andy Hayler (2015) “Of course this is hardly cheap, but this is a palace hotel in Paris with some top-notch ingredients and cooking. After just a few months with the new team it felt to me as though the kitchen was not yet completely hitting its stride, with some absolutely stunning dishes but also some that were merely very good indeed. With more time I would hope that these minor kinks will be ironed out, but this meal was already of a standard that would knock any multi-starred UK restaurant into a cocked hat.”

Le Figaro (2014) “Le grand restaurant est de retour! À nouveau désirable. Quasi exotique.”

L’Express (2014) “A sa tête, Christian Le Squer, un héros très discret remplaçant Eric Briffard depuis quelques semaines… Certes, vous n’échapperez pas à la punition métallique du palace -plafond en or, cloches en argent et addition en… plomb. Seule consolation: pour vous offrir cette parenthèse enchantée il ne vous faut économiser que deux gueuletons et demi dans vos bistrots branchés… “

Reviews for chef Éric Briffard

Table à Découvert (2010) “…grand moment de gastronomie et de service en salle, une vraie complicité entre tous les acteurs de la salle…”

Figaroscope (2008) “Produits impérieux, maîtrise insatiable, sa cuisine ne souffre guère les critiques…”

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