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Le Pré Catelan

Le Pre Catalan Restaurant in Paris | Paris By Mouth

Practical information

Address: Bois de Boulogne, Route de Suresnes, 75016
Nearest transport:  La Muette (9) or Avenue Henri Martin (RER C), then a 5-minute cab ride or half-hour walk
Hours: Closed Sunday & Monday; Open Tuesday-Saturday for lunch and dinner
Reservations: Book a month or more in advance
Telephone: +33 (0)1 44 14 41 14
Average price for lunch: More than 100€
Average price for dinner: More than 100€
Style of cuisine:  Modern French, Haute Cuisine

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Reviews of interest

L’assiette dans les étoiles (2012) “Côté addition, on est plutôt dans la moyenne basse des 3 macarons parisiens. Il faut compter environ 350 à 400€ par personne avec le grand menu et en buvant largement à sa soif. Cela reste cher mais pas exagéré, l’assiette et le service le méritent amplement.”

Critique gastronomique (2011) “Le(s) plus : Le pavillon Napoléon III, niché dans les profondeurs du Bois de Boulogne, le service.
Le(s) moins : Le repas plutôt décevant ainsi que l’addition “stratosphérique”.”

Food Snob (2009) “In creation, composition and construction, the chef seems to want to differentiate himself and shape a distinctive, identifiable style of his own. I admired his willingness (possibly even determination) to be different….But as I alluded to above, originality and inspiration in presentation are to be esteemed and encouraged, but should be applied precisely and effectively. I hate to see this taken too far with savours suffering for superficiality’s sake and I must confess that sometimes it felt like additional dishes and elements on those dishes were there for reasons other than to please my palate.”

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