Le Rigmarole

Le Rigmarole opened in October 2017 and has delighted me more than any other restaurant this year. The menu is an improbable collection of dishes inspired by French-American chef Robert Compagnon’s clear obsession with Japan and his skill with yakitori, but in addition to skewers you’ll also find meatballs with paratha flatbread (9€), handmade pastas (9€), and charred vegetable sides (6€). When Compagnon asked us to name our least favorite dish, it was a struggle to find much to criticize among the fifteen dishes we had devoured. The chargrilled chicken hearts were profoundly delicious. The fanciulle pasta with pigeon and liver ragout was funky and fantastic. Tempura fried butternut squash was so delicate it seemed to dissolve before I could swallow. And an off-menu order of grilled chicken neck made us blush with gratitude for all the work that went into retrieving (and not wasting) the edible meat. Adventurous eaters who are willing to try anything might be presented with a grilled aorta, but less daring diners will also find plenty to enjoy here. Co-owner Jessica Yang, a Taiwanese-American pastry chef who was previously at Rebelle and Per Se (NYC) and Guy Savoy (Paris), delivers a stunning finish with desserts like chocolate fondant with praline and buckwheat ice cream. On top of everything else, the warm welcome and well-appointed wine list provided by Crislaine Medina are setting this place apart from the sometimes surly competition. Le Rigmarole is honest, inexpensive and delicious. It’s casual and a bit chaotic, and it’s very soon going to be packed.

Practical Information

Address: 10 Rue du Grand Prieuré, 75011
Hours: Open for dinner Wednesday through Sunday. Closed Monday & Tuesday. 
Telephone: +33 1 71 24 58 44
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Le Rigmorale in pictures

What people are saying

  • Le Fooding (2017) says that “Red hot flames and love at first sight are guaranteed at this fiery barbecue joint that’s been given the Zen treatment (a walnut wood bar, Tiffany’s ‘20s light fixtures, vintage tables), giving special love to “an outstanding polpette with spinach and paratha flatbread” and “a Machiavellian chocolate fondant with pralines and h?jicha ice cream.”
  • A Nous Paris (2017) awards 4/5 dots, raving about the “sublime” grilled squid with spiced yogurt sauce and the grilled aorta (for real).

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