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Le Rigmarole (NOW CLOSED)

Le Rigmarole posted on their website in May 2023 that they will not be reopening in the near future. They have decided to focus on their wine and ice cream bar Folderol for the time being. If that changes, we’ll update this page.

WHAT WE THOUGHT OF IT: This menu is improbable collection of dishes inspired by chef Robert Compagnon’s clear obsession with Japan and his skill with yakitori, but in addition to grilled meats and seafood, you could also find handmade pastas, beautiful tempura fried vegetables, and stunning desserts from his partner Jessica Yang, a pastry chef who was previously at Per Se (NYC) and Guy Savoy (Paris). Reservations are extremely difficult to get, so try to book four weeks in advance or add yourself to the wait list for multiple dates. 


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