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Ma Cave Fleury

Inexpensive coupes of quality grower’s champagne served on a terrace overlooking a gritty street lined with sex clubs and prostitutes. It’s quite a combo. The charcuterie and cheese plates are standard, but it’s the warm, witty personality of the proprietor and former comedienne Morgane Fleury that is the main draw for those looking for affordable, natural wine.

-Catherine Down, 2014

Practical information

Address: 177 rue Saint Denis, 75002
Nearest transport: Réaumur-Sebastopol (3,4), Sentier (3) or Étienne Marcel (4)
Hours: Closed Sunday
Reservations: Walk-Ins welcome
Telephone: 01 40 28 03 39

Reviews of Interest

Not Drinking Poison in Paris (2014) “The unfailingly festive caviste and wine bar… Ma Cave Fleury nonetheless remains very relevant for its central location and for the central role its proprietor plays in the city’s natural wine scene. Morgane Fleury is like its fairy godmother, her unpretentiousness and warmth constituting an antidote to the conservative froideur that typifies the public faces of most Champagne houses.”

The New York Times T Magazine (2013) “The wonderfully chaotic Ma Cave Fleury has become a tightly held secret for a bohemian coterie of Parisian actors and musicians who revel in its unpretentious joie de vivre and affordable bottles… The small store/bar, where barrels become makeshift tables that are rolled away at a moment’s notice for one of the regular jazz performances that often spill out into the street, is packed with ephemera from wine and stage careers.”

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