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This ornate pastry shop has a long legacy in Lille dating back to 1761. Their thin waffle cookies stuffed with a variety of creams have only been available in Paris since 2010, however.

Practical information

Address: 16 rue Elzévir, 75003
Nearest transport: Saint-Paul (1)
Hours: Closed Monday
Telephone: 01 49 96 56 90
Website Facebook

Additional locations

Address: 3 rue Jacques Callot, 75006
Nearest transport: Saint-Germain-des-Prés (4)
Hours: Closed Monday
Telephone: 01 56 81 67 15

Reviews of interest

Lindsey Tramuta (2014) “Known primarily for their small, thin waffles (gauffres) and chocolates, I wandered inside after being seized by the robust galettes displayed in the window. The shop always offers the traditional recipe, which features almond cream (frangipane), but I made a beeline for the chestnut cream & pear variety – rich but not overly sweet; a real marvel.”

Dorie Greenspan (2011) “I don’t know if they were the first to make this style of waffle – the grids are barely etched, the waffle is soft and it’s split in half and filled – but they are certainly the best known.  At Meert, the choice of fillings was vanilla, caramel or chicory, an important ingredient in Lille.”

David Lebovitz (2010) “Quite unique, these dainty, chewy waffles come sandwiched with either vanilla or speculoos cream. The shop is a bit austere, so expect understated elegance rather than opulence, a nice change of pace away from the shoppers crowding the sidewalks a few blocks away.”

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