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Address: 13 rue Montmartre, 75001
Hours: Open Monday-Friday, 9am-6:15pm. Open Saturday, 10am-1pm, 1:45-6:30pm. Closed Sunday.
Telephone: +33 1 45 08 19 24

This professional-grade kitchenware supplier has been around since 1814.

In Other Words

David Lebovitz (2010) “Pastry chefs come from all over the world to visit MORA, which has a great selection of tart and cake molds, whisks and spatulas, and just about everything else. Plus the best selection of chocolate molds in Paris.”

Camille Malmquist (2010) “Mora is also geared toward culinary professionals, but certainly caters more to the pâtissiers and chocolatiers.  The front of the shop displays Staub cookware, silicone molds, glassware, knives, and a selection of serious cookbooks (when I say serious, I mean big and expensive, and textbooks).  Further back is more of that gorgeous Mauviel, as well as a wall lined with frying pans and crèpe pans of all sizes. “

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